WordPress FAQ plugin v1.4.3

Its great to announce the new WordPress FAQ plugin v1.4.3 which is a minor release with some fixes and new features.

You can read the online release notes to see a detailed list of changes to this release. Let me tell you more about some of the highlights.

Highlights in this release

XHTML validation fixes

There were some validation errors caused by the FAQ plugin due to Javascript ampersands in the Javascript functions embedded in the HEAD of your WordPress site.

Your valid HTML website running the FAQ plugin will now remain valid.

Increased length of answers

Some of our customers complained that the answers of the FAQ plugin are being cut off. This was due to the limited database field type, TEXT which can hold 64K of data.

The field type has been changed to LONGTEXT (4GB of data) so the field in the database can now store longer answers without an issue.

Serial key validation

We have implemented the serial key validation into the FAQ plugin which requires you to enter a serial key generated from your downloads section.

Some of you may have used our Newsletter and Shopping Cart plugin which already has this integrated as well. Thank you for your understanding in this serial key matter. Unfortunately we had to do this to “protect” the plugins.

Email address for each group

As you know, the FAQ plugin sends ask notifications of new questions to the administrator’s email address.

You can now specify an additional email for each group to send the notification to. This is useful if you have different moderators for each group or if you simply need those notifications to go to multiple mailboxes.

Get the new v1.4.3 now!

New Customers

Get the WordPress FAQ plugin right now at a great price and receive 3 months free updates of all new versions released.

We also have a promotional coupon code at the moment. You can enter “FESTIVE” (without quotes) during checkout on our site when you reach the 2CheckOut payment page to apply 20% discount on your order.

Existing Customers

All existing customers of the WordPress FAQ plugin can obtain it from our downloads management section. Remember to generate your new serial key after you have downloaded. All instructions are on the page where you generate the serial key.

If your download expired you may need to renew it for a small fee of $5 for another 3 months which will include all new releases within that period.


Installing or upgrading is easy and quick and works just like any other WordPress plugin. You don’t need to be concerned about your data being lost/overwritten, all will remain intact.

Full installation instructions are available. If you’re installing the plugin for the first time, its a matter of uploading to “wp-content/plugins” and activating. Upgrading is the same but you can simply overwrite the old files.

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  1. Alok on June 4, 2011


    We have purchased WordPress FAQ Plugin 1.4.3 and our WordPress version is 3.1.2. When we installed FAQ plugin and went for adding question, it does not link text to any link. If we enter text and select text and click on “Insert/Edit Link” button it does not do anything. When we link it from html and click on “Unlink” it does Unlink. In Add post/page it works perfectly, only when adding question it does not work. Please look into this as it is urgent.

    Thanks and Regards,

  2. brad on December 31, 2010

    The discount code doesn’t work.

    • Antonie Potgieter on January 3, 2011

      @brad, It may have expired as it was only valid till the 31st. You can use the coupon “2011” (without quotes) to get 10% OFF any order on our site. All the best, Antonie

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