WordPress FAQ plugin v1.5.2


This release of the WordPress FAQ plugin has some new features but it contains bug fixes and improvements for the most part. Please have a look at the detailed release notes and here are some of the feature highlights:

New Feature Highlights

The following new features are some of the additions to version 1.5.2 of the WordPress FAQ plugin:

WordPress Object Cache API for performanceWordPress-Object-Cache-API-for-performance

Speed up the plugin with the WordPress Object Cache API which is now built in to cache queries through the WordPress database object.

New user-friendly select drop down menus in adminDrop-Down-Menu-in-Configuration

Easier navigation to the configuration settings. Select the drop down menu in your configuration settings to navigate to the setting you need.

Improved search results


Users can now search for a certain phrase in the entire faq. It will give search results on all questions containing that phrase. Users can also clear the search results afterwards.

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