WordPress FAQs plugin v1.3.5

WordPress FAQs pluginWe are proud to announce the release of the WordPress FAQs plugin version 1.3.5 which is now compatible with WordPress 2.9.1.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with our FAQs plugin it allows you to set up a number of groups for example: Car, Boats, Trucks, etc. You then add questions, each with an answer inside the groups for your users to browse on the front-end of your WordPress website. Additionally your users can post questions to you on the related topics. You are notified by email and then at your convenience, you answer your user’s questions. This is especially helpful for those of you who keep getting asked the same or similar types of question on you site or blog. It helps you to promote your products/services and reduce time spent on support at the same time.

There are several new features and enhancements in this release. The most notable being the TinyMCE auto inserts and new create feature which you can access direct from your WordPress TinyMCE editor. This new feature makes the creation, insertion and grouping of questions and answers a dream and save loads of time. This is a really unique and new exciting feature. By using short codes you can now link your existing answer to a post that may already deal with the questions which means that not only are you saving space but are also saving time.

Fore more information on this product please visit the FAQs Product page.

Download the FAQs plugin v1.3.5

Existing users can login to their account and download the latest version (https://tribulant.com/downloads/). Remember your service fee must be up to date ($5 per 3 month). If you have purchased the WordPress FAQs plugin within the last 3 month you will automatically be able to download the latest version (1.3.5).

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