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As some of you may know from our previous newsletters, we have mentioned an internal referral system in the past. As of now, we have an official affiliate program for all of you to start using. We’re using the amazing AffiliateWP. We are looking forward to all users signing up, referring sales and most of all revealing statistics on the 15th of June as we do our first payout!

The sign up is really easy with immediate/automatic activation and takes less than 5 minutes. Most of the most common questions are already on the FAQ but here is a quick rundown:

  • 30% commission for all sales referred. 40% for important and hard working affiliates.
  • 5% for level 2 referrals. Meaning, if you refer someone who becomes an affiliate and they refer sales to us, you indirectly get 5% for each of those sales as well.
  • We provide support to all your referrals to ensure that they are satisfied. You can just point them to our helpdesk.
  • Payouts done via PayPal at the moment to keep things simple. As we grow, we may implement more payout methods upon request if needed.
  • We have provided few software boxes and banners for those who wish to generate sales from their site. We are in the process of designing more.
  • Payouts are done on a monthly basis, and there’s no real minimum amount required for payout unless it’s less than ~3 USD.
  • You refer sales, we pay! As simple as that.

We have the best WordPress plugins in their market field. You are guaranteed to refer sales because the products are good and people don’t need to be convinced, they just need to be introduced to them. Some people already refer their friends and colleagues so now they can get something in return for it.

To give you an idea. Our top selling products are the WordPress Newsletters plugin and WordPress Shopping Cart plugin. They both sell for $49.99 $70 for a single license and $249.99 $210 for a developer license. You will get about $21 for each single license sale referred and $63 for each developer license sale referred.

Please sign up for an affiliate account here:

WordPress Plugins

Start selling products, sending newsletters, publishing ads, and more through your own WordPress website using our premium WordPress plugins.


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