August 2012 Newsletter

As in previous months the month of August brought with it its own share of excitement and hard work, keeping us on our toes and working hard at user support and improving our great WordPress Plugins in order to provide exceptional quality to you, our loyal customers.

  • New Plugin Releases
  • Upcoming Plugin Releases
    • Shopping Cart Plugin
      • Guest Checkout Extension Plugin
      • Ordering for All products, in Categories and in Suppliers
      • CIM Extension plugin
      • Echo Global Logistics Extension Plugin
      • Flexible products CSV Import Columns
    • Banner Rotator Plugin
      • Automatic Updates Through WordPress
      • WordPress Roles/Permissions Integration
      • Automatically Show Banners Inside Posts/Pages
    • FAQ Plugin
      • WordPress Roles/Permissions Integration
      • Automatic Updates Through WordPress
      • Beautiful New Theme Folder Designs
      • Show the Author that Answered the Question
  • New Forums Launched
  • Increased Affiliate Commission
  • New Staff Member
  • Find us on Facebook

New Plugin Releases

WordPress Newsletter Plugin v3.9.4

WordPress Newsletter Plugin v3.9.4

August saw the release of a new version of our WordPress Newsletter Plugin, version 3.9.4, with the following added features:

  • Gravity Forms integration (extension)
  • Select list(s) to show in select/checkbox subscribe form
  • ‘eftype‘ (excerpt/full post) parameter for the [ wpmlpost… ] shortcode
  • [ wpmlpost_thumbnail ] shortcode to display any post featured image thumbnail
  • [ wpmlpost_permalink ] shortcode to output the URL/permalink of any post
  • New shortcodes under “Variables & Custom Fields” box when creating newsletter
  • Full qTranslate support for custom fields
  • Setting to turn off the “Send as Newsletter” box on posts/pages
  • Ability for subscribers to change their email in the subscriber management section.
  • New overview section with a stats chart, totals and recent emails
  • Gravatars for email subscribers in the admin panel
  • New “Auto Import Users” box under Newsletters > Configuration > System
  • Import/map user meta into custom fields with the Auto Import WordPress Users feature

Gravity Forms Subscribers Extension plugin v1.0

Gravity Forms Subscribers Extension plugin v1.0

This is a very neat integration of the WordPress Newsletter plugin into the Gravity Forms plugin to capture subscribers through forms.

When you create/edit Gravity Forms plugin forms on your WordPress website, a “Newsletters” field is available under “Advanced Fields” to add a subscribe checkbox to your form.

You can configure this “Newsletters” field by specifying a custom caption, auto checking it, adding a custom checkbox label, choosing the list(s) that users will be subscribed to and also map Gravity Forms fields to custom fields in the WordPress Newsletter plugin.

As users fill in your Gravity Forms plugin form and the subscribe checkbox is checked, their email address and other chosen fields are subscribed as you configured it.

Upcoming Plugin Releases

Once again we have quite a few new releases up our sleeve and heading your way soon! Here are a few of them:

WordPress Shopping Cart plugin

Our WordPress Shopping Cart plugin gets a few new extension plugins and improvements:

Guest Checkout Extension plugin

Guest Checkout Extension plugin

This extension plugin will make it possible for customers to purchase through the shopping cart and check out without having to register as users on the website. A number of you have asked for such a feature and we have listened!

Ordering for all products, in categories and in suppliers

Ordering for all products, in categories and in suppliers

Drag and drop interfaces for ordering/sorting categories, suppliers, products as a whole, products per shop category and products per supplier. These easy to use drag/drop interfaces make the sorting of all aspects of your WordPress shop very easy and quick. CIM extension plugin CIM Extension Plugin

Connecting your customers with CIM using your existing AIM payment gateway in the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin. With CIM, your customers have the option to save/store their credit card details as they pay so that it is available the next time that they checkout on your site. The next time they purchase something they don’t have to enter the credit card details again, they simply choose the card by looking at the last digits and click to pay. This will increase sales conversions drastically!

Echo Global Logistics extension plugin

Echo Global Logistics Extension Plugin

This extension plugin utilizes the Echo Global Logistics API to retrieve shipping rates and services from multiple carriers as configured and activated on your Echo Global Logistics account. It is a quick way to provide customers with a range of shipping methods to choose from upon checkout with ease.

Flexible products CSV import columns

Flexible Products CSV Import Columns

The flexible products CSV import feature has been improved in the sense that you don’t have to have a CSV file in a specific format anymore. You can import any CSV file and choose which columns you want to import and which columns hold what values/fields. The ability to import multiple extra product images in additional CSV columns has been added as well.

WordPress Banner Rotator plugin

We have a few exciting updates to our WordPress Banner Rotator plugin:

Automatic updates through WordPress

This will make it possible to update the plugin through the built-in WordPress automatic update facility. No more uploading via FTP!

WordPress roles/permissions integration

This feature will allow the site administrator to set which user roles may access which sections/parts of the Banner Rotator plugin for management. It integrates with the WordPress roles API and all custom roles in WordPress are available to configure as well.

Automatically show banners inside posts/pages

This handy feature will allow users to set banners to appear at certain intervals in posts or pages above/below the existing content. This can be configured per banner/ad zone according to your needs.

WordPress FAQ plugin

Our WordPress FAQ plugin will soon sport the following nifty upgrades:

WordPress roles/permissions integration

This feature will allow site administrators to set permissions for the use of the FAQ plugin (posting/answering of questions etc.) on a WordPress user role basis.

Automatic updates through WordPress

This will make it possible to update the plugin through the built-in WordPress automatic update facility. No more uploading via FTP!

Beautiful new theme folder designs

We have added two new themes to the FAQ plugin to choose from for your design on the front-end of your site and the initial, default theme has been improved as well in it’s questions and forms display. A new, easy to use interface will allow you to quickly activate/deactivate the theme of your choice.

Show the author that answered the question

This feature will make it possible to display the author of an answer in the FAQ thread. If you have multiple users/authors answering questions and you want to show them, you can turn this setting on and the WordPress user name and a link will be displayed for each answer.

New Support Forums Launched

New Tribulant Software Support Forums

They say change is as good as a holiday, and we at Tribulant Software love holidays! That’s why we’re ringing some changes with the launch of our all-new Support Forums. Please do visit and use the forums – you’ll make us feel proud of our baby! 🙂

Increased Affiliate Commission

We love our affiliates and really appreciate them – and what better way to show it than increasing affiliate commissions? From now on our affiliates earn 30% in commission as opposed to the old 20%. So what are you waiting for? We have the best plugins in the business, and you can make some serious moolah!

A New Staff Member

Welcome to our latest staff member, Phil Meyer. Phil lives in Centurion, South Africa, and adores WordPress. He will be working in our Sales and Technical Support department. Phil no longer works with us.

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