August 2014 Newsletter

As usual, we had a busy month here at Tribulant Software. August was packed with excitement and happenings as we developed on our WordPress plugins, offered support and improved all areas we possibly could. Let me tell you a bit about what happened during August.

New Releases

Some new version updates on plugins during the month of August.

Shopping Cart Plugin 1.8.7


A minor update to the WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin with some improvements, bug fixes and new features:

  • Weight on product variation options
  • “Continue editing” checkbox in all save sections of admin
  • (m)qTranslate support for multilingual (extension)
  • and more…

FAQ Plugin 1.5.3


A minor update to the WordPress FAQ Plugin with some improvements, bug fixes and new features:

  • “Settings” link on Plugins page
  • Improved object cache engine
  • New update/upgrade notification
  • Only check database tables upon activation
  • and more…

Custom Fields Plugin 1.3


A major update to the WordPress Custom Fields Plugin with some improvements and new features:

  • Watermark for default value of text/textarea custom fields
  • Sortable columns in admin sections
  • Help tooltips in admin
  • Debugging setting under Custom Fields > Configuration
  • Automatic updates/upgrades in WordPress
  • and more…

Slideshow Gallery Plugin 1.4.5 & 1.4.6


A minor update to the WordPress Slideshow Gallery Plugin with some bug fixes, improvements and new features:

  • Featured content. Display a slide for each post with it’s featured image
  • Auto height setting to adjust height for each slide
  • Child theme folder support
  • Multilingual with (m)qTranslate
  • and more…

Checkout – Guest Checkout 1.1


A minor update to the Guest Checkout extension of the WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin with some improvements and new features:

  • “Settings” link under Plugins and Checkout > Extensions
  • Languages/translation support
  • Setting to allow customers to choose between register/login/guest
  • Force register/login for digital products with downloads
  • Automatic updates/upgrades in WordPress
  • and more…

Checkout – (m)qTranslate Extension


We have released another extension (m)qTranslate for WordPress Shopping Cart plugin.

Increase your sales on WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin from International shoppers with a multilingual ecommerce storefront solution. Use this extension to fully translate your WordPress Shopping Cart in multiple languages. You can save products, categories, suppliers, custom fields, variations & options and much more in multiple languages as needed. It works with both qTranslate and mqTranslate.

Checkout – eWay Rapid API


We have released another payment gateway extension eWay Rapid API for WordPress Shopping Cart plugin. Use this extension to capture payments from shoppers with their credit cards. A safe and secure credit card payment method.

Newsletter Plugin Lite


A full-featured newsletter plugin for WordPress which fulfils all subscribers, emails, marketing and newsletter related needs for both personal and business environments.
The Newsletters LITE version has all the features that the PRO version has but it has some limitations.
You can have one mailing list, 500 subscribers, send 1000 emails per month and the custom dynamic fields are not available. These limits should be sufficient for a personal blogger or a small business.

Upgrade you Tribulant License


You can now upgrade your single plugin license to unlimited plugin license on your tribulant account.

IPad Mini Competition


This contest is over. We’d like to thank everyone for participating in this contest. Congratulations to all the winners during this contest.


The 11th winner of the iPad Mini Giveaway contest has been selected on 15 August 2014: Haris Kayani will receive a free plugin of his choice.

The final winner of the iPad Mini Giveaway contest has been selected on 31 August 2014: Marius Meyer will receive the grand prize an iPad Mini.

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