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And again it’s time for our monthly newsletter. August was a busy and productive month. Many thanks to all our customers for keeping us busy and for helping us to improve our WordPress plugins every day. We will continue to give you the best support and software ever.

Have a look at some of the exciting happenings we had during the month of August.

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.” — Colin Powell

New Releases

Shopping Cart Plugin – qTranslate-X 1.1


A new update for Checkout – qTranslate-X Multilingual is available to fully translate your WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin.

This extension works well with qTranslate-X . If you previously used qTranslate, mqTranslate or another variation, qTranslate-X allows for easy migration and backward compatibility.

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Shopping Cart Plugin – Sage Pay UK 1.2


A new update for the Sage Pay UK Form Protocol is available which now supports Sage Pay UK Form Protocol 3.00.

This is a new Sage Pay UK VSP form protocol version 3.00 gateway integration. It used to be 2.23 which is discontinued now.

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Shopping Cart Plugin – Wholesale 1.1


Use our Wholesale extension for additional pricing, shipping and payment method features. The Wholesale extension plugin allows you to specify different prices for different user roles per product and different tax rates, per user role.

A new update has been made to the Wholesale extension for the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin.

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Shopping Cart Plugin – Apco Pay 1.2


Apco Pay Payment Gateway is a payment method which can be used on your WordPress Shopping Cart to process credit card payments. Customers are kept on your shop at all times and are not redirected to another platform to proceed with payment, the whole process will happen on your site.

A new update has been made to the Apco Pay extension.

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Shopping Cart plugin

We’ve released another version of the WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin. This is a minor release which includes some new features, improvements and bug fixes.

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Newsletter Plugin

A new release of the WordPress Newsletter plugin is available. Version contains some bug fixes and improvements which is focused on stability and reliability.

Fixed Issues Highlights

  • Autoresponder emails not sending out
  • Attachments don’t stick when saving newsletter without lists/roles selected
  • Future scheduled newsletters not going out with no emails in queue
  • Newsletter used by autoresponder still shows draft status
  • “List/Role” column on emails sent not accurate
  • and more…

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Newsletter Plugin- Total MS Control 1.3

This is the perfect tool for any webmaster! Also by far the best WordPress multi-site newsletter plugin on the market considering the power of this extension added to it.

You can control the Newsletter plugin for each blog/site of your WordPress multi-site network by activating/deactivating, submitting serial keys and also assigning limits according to your needs. You can specify limits on total subscribers, total mailing lists and even total emails that may be sent in a certain period of time.

We have released an update version of the Total MS Control extension for the WordPress Newsletter Plugin.

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Slideshow Gallery


A new release of our FREE and popular Slideshow Gallery Plugin are now available for an update. This release is a minor release that contain a few bug fixes and security enhancements.

The main reason for this update was due to a security issue. The plugin was removed from the plugin directory. The security improvements prevent plugin files from being accessed directly, it check file mime and type of image URL on a slide, it validates, sanitize and escape data and we’ve implemented WordPress nonces throughout the plugin. With all the security improvements, the plugin is restored on the directory.

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