Technical Updates

authorize-net-logo has announced some technical updates to it’s payment gateway.

I’ll give you a quick overview of what it consists of and what you need to do exactly.
There are also certain dates that you need to remember specifically.

Please note that our WordPress Shopping Cart plugin is updated and compatible with the necessary changes.

Akamai Integration is using Akamai to handle it’s traffic on the payment gateway to optimize and improve the gateway. It improves the traffic to reduce latency, prevent downtime, etc. Basically this will make sure that your customers can always pay and that the gateway won’t cause problems.

The Akamai integration is already active and working on new API URLs. The old gateway URLs for still work fine but the new URLs will be enforced on the 30th of June 2016. Make sure that you adjust your integration or code before then.

This is applicable to the API, AIM, SIM, etc. If you use any of these, you’ll need to update the URLs being used. See the Akamai FAQs for more details on this where it also provides you with the new URLs to use for various services.

RC4 Cipher Disabled

In an effort to ensure that all server-to-server communications with the Authorize.Net platform (both transactional and otherwise) maintain the highest levels of security, we will be disabling the RC4 cipher suite in the sandbox on April 29, 2016, and in the production environment on May 31, 2016. 

This is only applicable if you’re using the RC4 cipher in your integration. If not, you do not need to do anything.

See more details in API best practices.

Transaction and Batch ID Inconsistencies

In the coming weeks, due to system updates, it will be possible to receive Authorize.Net IDs (Transaction ID, Batch ID, etc.) that are not in sequential order.

There is no action needed here unless your system relies on the sequential transaction IDs that are automatically generated.

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