Creating a Website for Your Law Business

The legal industry is incredibly competitive. No matter what specific services you offer, what practice area you are strongest in, or where you are geographically based, your law firm will always be tasked with standing out from the crowd if it is to attract clients.

To give yourself the best chance possible of attracting clients ahead of your competition, you must create a website for your law business. More to the point, it is essential that you optimize this site as best you can.

For advice on how that can be achieved, read on.

Make use of your firm’s name when choosing a domain

In times gone by, law firms would opt to use exact-match domains such as birminghampersonalinjurylawyer[dot]com when creating their sites. As the internet has grown and SEO has developed, however, this once standard practice has now become all but obsolete. Using this type of domain has no bearing whatsoever on SEO rank, meaning it no longer serves any purpose.

Instead, you should use your law firm’s name as your domain name. This will help potential clients to recognize you instantly and it will assist you in your bid to build brand recognition.

Create different pages for each service that you offer

Potential clients will head to your website with one goal in mind: finding representation for the exact type of criminal activity that they or their loved ones are involved in. They won’t want to know what else you can offer — they’ll want to find information relating to their specific plight and nothing else. To give them what they want in this instance and make their time on your website as straightforward as it can be, you have to create different pages for each unique service that you offer.

Consider the example of Charleston Law, a group of top-rated personal injury attorneys who have created individual webpages for the motor vehicle, medical malpractice, business law, family law, DUI defense, and criminal defense services that they offer. With all of these different pages on offer, their clients are able to find the details they are looking for without having to scroll through unnecessary information that doesn’t mean anything to them.

Stress your skillset

Your skills are what sets you apart from the competition, so you must seek to stress it as much as you can on your website. Quite simply, each piece of fresh content that you upload to your site should, in some way or another, relate to the services that you provide and the practice areas that you are strongest in.

The best place in which to stress your skillset is your ‘About Us’ page. On this page, you should:

  • Talk about what legal issues impassion your law firm

  • Detail some of your biggest professional accomplishments

  • Discuss the way in which you help clients fight their legal battles

  • Describe the process that you go through in the courtroom

  • Display the testimonials that you have received from happy clients in the past

Take the above advice, and you’ll be sure to optimize your law firm’s website in no time.

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