Declutter your e-commerce website and get more conversions

Websites have to meet multiple challenges. It all starts from being attractive enough to engage the people visiting, display their contents clearly and effectively, achieve the desired level of sales through visitor engagement, and earn revenue from advertisements (if required). Plus, they HAVE to look good while doing all this.

Images and viewing:

Most websites are steadily becoming more visual-oriented as compared to the massive content sites of earlier years. This means that you have to ensure that images and their access are convenient and fast.

If you are running an e-commerce website, you need to make sure that it is optimized to convert visitors into buyers. This could mean having lesser but higher quality images, better quality web hosting to support these images, and an overall clean, easy to navigate layout.

However, websites that have a clean design, with clear calls to action, can fail miserably; if they compromise on the product display.

All products should have high-resolution images with lateral, zoomable, different angled pictures, and preferably short video clips, where ever possible. It also helps if different product colors can be selected from the view options; this makes it easier to speed up the decision-making process.

Life is fast-paced, and pages that load (and can be read) easily are more successful. Content is still king, but it needs to be crisper, easier to access, and easier yet to read.

With user experience becoming more and more critical, web pages need to be designed to maximize user interactions.

Mobile Access

In 2019, the number of unique mobile internet users went to 3,986 million. With an increasing number of people using their phones to access web pages, it is also essential that your website is designed to give an excellent experience to people browsing from their phones.

The callouts and buttons should be easy to use on smaller screens. Image resolution and display should not be distorted while viewing on small screens.

Cross-media access:

If your e-commerce website uses social media for promotion, campaigns and disseminating product information, make sure that the links are easy to access from the site, as well as from the social media pages.

An example of a web commerce page that does this with finesse is Leather Skin Shop, with the fluid transition from Instagram to its website and vice versa.

Nowadays, it is pretty common for websites to link their product awareness and marketing campaigns to Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. This strategy needs to be planned because it runs the risk of moving the users from the website, which can lead to their losing focus. Links need to be limited and focused on conversions.

User Experience

With technology becoming more interactive, it is imperative to pay attention to content and its layout. Taxonomy should have been done correctly. Moreover, specific product campaigns should direct visitors to their specific landing pages.

There’s no point in having campaigns that direct visitors to the main page when they should be on a particular product’s page.

The visitor should be brought to the point immediately, without having to move around your web site. The website’s internal search should work in a way that it creates no roadblocks for the people, trying to get to a specific product.

Similarly, if you are running third-party ads on your page, they need to be both relevant and limited to avoid distracting the user from your products. Excessive advertisements can be an off-putting experience and can reduce visits and conversions, as visitors will move on to sites with better browsing.

Product Descriptions

Product descriptions and tag lines need to be brief, as well as accurate. Ideally, there should be a summary, along with an optional detailed one for those who are interested in knowing more about a product Amazon is a fantastic site, which answers all customer queries on a single page, with clickable extensions of product descriptions available.

Pop up Notifications

These are one of the most misused tools of web commerce sites, in my opinion. Many websites use these to advertise fast-selling items, which can be off-putting, at least for me.

It’s not relevant to me if Ms. X bought seven items from the website! However, if these can be very useful provided, they are appropriately used for special advertising rates, promotions, anything that would add value or incentivize the visitor to buy from the web site.

Offer Guest Buying, One-Click Buys

A number of times, we log on to websites, add things to shopping carts, but don’t bother checking out because the entire process of filling in forms and providing information to make an account is just too cumbersome. If I can buy as a guest, I’ll fill in my credit card details, and check out without wasting time becoming a member.

The option of “checkout as a guest” serves as a treat for those who are time-constrained.

Build Trust

Several times, web sites that do not display their security protocol badges, like Business Accreditation, McAfee, or Norton Security, Visa, and MasterCard verification badges in a prominent place, end up losing business.

Similarly, customer reviews, testimonials, and other reputation support tools help build trust and increase sales. After-sales policies should also be mentioned so that customers are reassured about their exit routes.

Buying behavior should be encouraged by active and easily accessible customer support. Return and shipping policies should be mentioned; all pricing, with taxes and charges, should be clearly suggested during checkout.

Final word

To conclude, e-commerce websites require some common sense, a significant amount of planning and designing, to make the browsing and buying process as smooth and seamless as possible. Product display and viewing should be of optimum quality for both mobile and larger screens. Search options and recommendations of similar products based on your browsing history are features that can ensure successful sales.

Web sites have to reassure the buyer that they can rely on your web site, to be honest, as well as make the selection and buying process as easy as possible.

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