February 2011 Newsletter

Exciting things happened here at Tribulant Software throughout the month of February. Many of which we can only tell about by the end of March unfortunately. Not to worry though, here is some amazing news to start telling about right away:

  • WordPress 3.1 “Reinhardt”
  • New plugin releases
    • WordPress Banner Rotator plugin v2.7
    • WordPress Shopping Cart plugin v1.5.6
  • Plugins bundle giveaway!
  • Videos and discount coupon
  • Like us on Facebook
  • Plugin price increase

WordPress 3.1 “Reinhardt”

You can read about the new release of WordPress by heading over to the “WordPress 3.1, lots of fun” post on the WordPress.org blog.

This fourteenth release of WordPress includes several major improvements to the workflow and interface of the actual WordPress administration side of things. In addition to that, there is the new post formats support and custom content type improvements! And much, much more…

All our premium WordPress plugins are FULLY compatible with WordPress 3.1 so you can freely and confidently upgrade to the latest version (3.1) of WordPress, knowing that you won’t run into any problems with our plugins specifically. Have fun with it!

New plugin releases

Apart from the release of the WordPress Newsletter plugin v3.8.5 at the end of January 2011,  there were two GREAT releases through the month of February 2011 which are most definitely worth talking about! Here they are:

WordPress Banner Rotator plugin v2.7

It is extremely exciting to announce our famous WordPress ad management plugin with a great set of new features including:

  • Start/end date for banner ads.
  • TinyMCE button for shortcodes.
  • Flash clickTag support for tracking.
  • HTML code for remote/external sites.

WordPress Shopping Cart plugin v1.5.6

The best WordPress e-Commerce software on the market just got a whole lot BETTER with major improvements to usability, flexibility and the interface as a whole. Feature highlights include:

  • Ordering/sorting of product variations.
  • Great purchase invoice/receipt improvements.
  • Discount coupons in sidebar and checkout.
  • Export orders to CSV sheet.
  • Post/page settings when saving products.
  • Product filters and search.
  • De/activate products and shipping methods.

Plugins bundle giveaway!

Woohooo!! And was this fun! We gave away 4 WordPress plugin bundles in a matter of 14 days to 4 contestants who were lucky enough to WIN! Entering the contest was easy and the prizes were instant.

Unfortunately the contest has ended on the 21st of February but you can read about the contest and it’s winners and subscribe on our blog as well to be notified about similar, upcoming contests that you can engage in!

Videos and 10% discount coupon

Videos are a great way of illustrating certain things to our customers/users and videos are also a great way marketing/promoting!!

We’ve been working on several videos throughout February as guides/tutorials to making installation instructions easier and providing illustration of specific features in our premium WordPress plugins.

Additionally, we published the video shown above as a promotional video to mention our plugins quick and also to give all viewers 10% OFF with a discount coupon at the end of the video.

Be sure to subscribe to us on YouTube!

Like us on Facebook

We have a Facebook page where all updates, news, announcements and other things are posted. Please LIKE us on Facebook so that you can stay up to date with the latest news in your Facebook news feed. We will NOT message you!

In addition to our Facebook page, have a look at our blog (you can subscribe via Email/RSS) and our Twitter profile.

Plugin price increase

At the end of March 2011, we will have a price increase of 10% on all our premium WordPress plugins in full effect.

Unfortunately a price increase isn’t especially positive to our customers as we are literally asking customers to pay more for our packages but unfortunately due to increased maintenance, inflation and volume of support in the business we have to do this.

Please note that the prices of the updates subscriptions will NOT be increased and additionally, you can use the coupon code “2011” (without quotes)  to get 10% OFF any order on our site until the end of Dec 2011.

Thank YOU for your continued, loyal business and support!

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