How Collaborative Technology Is Revolutionising Remote Web Development

The days of being crammed into a tiny booth in an office stuffed full of coders and web developers are rapidly becoming a thing of the past.

It goes without saying that the internet has changed the world: it’s changed how we socialise, how we meet partners, how we purchase, and, most importantly, how we work.

Stop. Collaborate. And listen.

There’s an abundance of benefits to be unearthed in remote working that support optimum productivity from your global team of development experts.

The web is awash with collaborative technologies designed to make the work of web development teams more effective, interactive, and global.

Remote working is slowly becoming the norm for many web developers. And this is how you maximise the productivity of remote web development teams:

Code Collaboration Platforms

Let’s jump to the quick, here; because there’s no collaboration without a coding platform.

Cloud-based coding platforms such as Cloud 9 provide remote developers with a live development environment that connects the entire remote team together so that they can share, code, and collaborate on the same project.

Cloud 9 provides a full Ubuntu development environment, negating the need for a workstation in the physical world and built for HTML, PHP, node.js, Python, and Ruby.

Other code collaboration platforms include:

These platforms are revolutionising the web development environment by offering project leaders the opportunity to gather talent from around the globe.

There’s always going to be an expert, but they might not live in your time zone – so the flexibility of code collaboration platforms makes the finding of the right people more possible.


Global teams introduce their own issues.

Get Over The Jet Lag

Collaborative technologies have made global team working more possible; but not everyone’s awake at the same time.


If you have an SQL expert in India, an HTML guru in Toronto, and an insomniac tester in Portugal, organising milestones and planning meetings can be a challenge.

Tools such as EveryTimeZone, help to solve that exact problem with a clear interface that provides an instant visual indication of working hours in each time zone.

Prototyping Apps

Prototyping is an essential function facilitating rapid iteration, promoting feedback and testing environments that transform static design into interactive mockups.

Ten years ago, prototyping relied on cumbersome machines that ran testing environments; tying people to workstations networked over LANs.


Faster internet speeds and more reliable connections have provided collaborative-development teams with a plethora of cloud-based environments that make prototyping possible from remote locations.

These are some of the most popular:

Interactive Displays

Bringing all of this together can be a challenge.

If you have half of your team based in HQ and the rest dotted around the world, it can feel a little alienating – and a cohesive sense of team can suffer.


Interactive displays offer an opportunity for everyone in the team to contribute to meetings and development huddles, regardless of their location, providing a central hub that is otherwise lacking.

Interactive displays are way more than simple replacements for whiteboards – they offer teams the opportunity to:

  • Collaborate directly from their computers, laptops or mobile devices

  • Synchronise and incorporate project management collaborative applications such as Microsoft Teams and Basecamp

  • Create a collaborative hub that’s primed for visual web development meetings

The Revolution Is Happening Right Now

The world of work is becoming smaller thanks to collaborative technologies. If you’re considering spreading your wings and gathering teams for their specialisms rather than their location, there’s been no better time than now.

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