How to Use Instagram to Fuel Your Website

How can you use Instagram to fuel your website design and content?


Instagram is the rising star of social media and digital marketing. More companies are aligning their brands with social media marketing. You can see Starbucks and Taco Bell running one successful ad campaign after another on social media platforms. Celebrities to lifestyle brands, everyone loves his or her easy stardom on Instagram.

Most popular brands are turning their Instagram content into their website content. They are leveraging their feed to incorporate new content that comes from real Instagram followers. This is also true for brands that are running multi-channel branding campaigns. They are using Instagram generated content for Facebook, and Twitter campaigns too.

It is a mobile-first world

In a mobile-first world, mobile-first applications like Instagram play a pivotal role. Brands who are committed to social media marketing are using this social networking platform and infusing their traditional modes of advertising with social elements from the app. Mobile and social means of marketing are growing hand in hand.

People still relate professional photos with Instagram. If you are thinking of using elements from your Instagram account to create your website, be sure to choose a framework that supports tons of high-quality photos. Include loading effects that will make transitions and page loading a lot smoother.

Everyone uses mobile these days and Instgram is very user-friendly.

Use consumer generated content

Instagram hashtag

Have you checked out Urban Outfitter’s website recently? They are using user-generated content including photos on Instagram and Twitter. They are featuring the top voted photos on their website. This is keeping their site fresh. At the same time, using consumer-generated content is increasing organic traffic. Urban Outfitters is perfectly merging their web and mobile efforts by placing their Instagram content directly on their website.

Hashtag usage has made filtering Instagram content in real time much easier. You can screen relevant content including photos for your website almost in real time using social media listening tools.

Patagonia does a great job of visual storytelling by leveraging their Instagram content. Consumers are likely to engage in consumer photos more than product photos. Patagonia does great work in showcasing their lifestyle through customer photos. Showcasing the lifestyle of their customers gives them a competitive edge over contemporary lifestyle brands who do stick to traditional advertising methods.

Fuel your events and promotions

Events that pull mobile photos directly from customers can create a hype that can become hard to ignore. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway recently held a campaign that asked their Instagram followers to share images with a #Indy500orbust. This was to create a buzz for their 2013 Indianapolis 500 race. They also rolled out a similar campaign on Twitter. It generated millions of Tweets, reTweets, Instagram posts, and tags. This created an incredible success rate at a local event promoted via social media.

Generate hype for your events and promotions using Instagram.

Recycle and reuse to increase user engagement

Instagram’s real power lies in its internal search capabilities. Quite like Pinterest, you can search for products and users on the app. Multiple websites are now using Instagram to create content with a CTA that leads users to relevant content on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. For example –Taco Bell website turned to social media very recently to ask for customer experience. They plastered a CTA on their website that directly shows user generated content on social media sites.

Why should you include Instagram content on your site?

Instagram app

Moreover, Instagrammers share over 98% Instagram photos on Facebook. This is a rewarding recycling process, which attracts user engagement and brand visibility. Reusing content from your Instagram feed to create your company website is quite similar to this process.

Instagram has been able to stay trendy and young in spite of changes in other platforms. Therefore, whether you want to add some zing to your website or create fresh content every day. You can link your Instagram feed with your website to change more than just your site’s appearance.

Test the waters before you take the plunge

Website owners need to understand their goals and chalk out their priorities before they can take such an impactful step. Integrating Instagram and your company website is not undoable. However, it will take a considerable amount of time and effort. Make sure; you implement the changes on one section at a time. If necessary, run A/B testing to determine your visitor response.

Your website should be the catalyst

Instagram is full of passive buyers. You can leverage their presence by using the right keywords and linking your site to your bio. Instagram ensures that you can insert a live link at only one place. So, while you are in the bio section, do not forget to add a live link that can become your CTA.

Use instagram to drive traffic to your website!


Walter Moore is a well-established digital marketer with one of the leading mobile application development companies. He has extensive knowledge in social marketing, especially gaining and marketing to followers for Instagram.

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