January 2011 Newsletter

Welcome to 2011 once again everyone! I hope that you had as busy a month of January as we did and that you managed to prosper throughout this period.

We spent most of the month offering support, improving the Tribulant Software website and doing development on our WordPress plugins. It has been an extremely busy month here, starting off the new year with a kick! We work hard to continuously improve all areas of the business.

Two new plugin releases were made available at the end of December and throughout January we released the WordPress Newsletter plugin v3.8.5. I’ll tell you more about that shortly…

The topics in this month’s newsletter are:

  • Site Improvements
    • Improved invoices
    • Getting started guide
    • Updates subscription extension
    • Expiration notifications
  • Plugin Releases
    • WordPress Newsletter plugin v3.8.5
    • Upcoming plugin releases
  • WordPress Optimized Hosting

Site Improvements

Great improvements to the Tribulant Software website:

Improved Invoices

We improved the invoice which is sent to a customer when you place an order on our site. The invoice is now a valid tax invoice with your our company details on it, your billing details, an invoice number, date and the item(s) purchased with a total.

Getting Started Guide

This guide is sent as an email in addition to the order receipt which is sent to our customers when placing an order. The getting started guide has a few links to get you started with your WordPress plugin and also to stay up to date with the latest releases by subscribing through our different channels.

Updates Subscription Extension

In the past, it was only possible to renew expired downloads in your account but you can now extend the updates subscription on any of your downloads even if they haven’t expired yet. You may want to extend your initial 3 months updates subscription  included with your license to ensure that you are set for future releases.

Expiration Notifications

As an attempt to be more considerate to our valued customers, we have implemented expiration notifications into our system which will notify you 7 days prior to the actual expiration of your download(s). The email contains a link which allows you to immediately extend the period on your download before it expires.

Plugin Releases

WordPress Newsletter plugin v3.8.5

If you are not familiar with it, our newsletter software integrates into WordPress and allows you to accept email subscriptions on your WordPress website to multiple mailing lists and send out bulk emails in many different ways. It is extremely versatile!

We released v3.8.5 of our newsletter software for WordPress with several new features as well as bug fixes and improvements to the plugin overall.

Some of the new features include:

  • Bit.ly link shortening and click tracking.
  • Security captcha image to prevent spam.
  • See read/opened status of individual emails sent.
  • Javascript loads in the footer of the site.

These are just some of the highlights. For more detailed information, you can read the announcement and view the release notes.

Upcoming Plugin Releases

Although we continuously develop on all plugins sequentially, we have been working on two plugins specifically and are preparing them for release as soon as possible.

We are excited about these releases and we work hard to complete it for you guys!

WordPress Shopping Cart plugin

A very popular, extremely powerful and robust WordPress e-commerce solution, it is our Shopping Cart plugin. This is a great package to work on, we have a long development list to fulfill so there is always work to be done on it.

Some of the new features in the next release will be the ability to activate/deactivate products, search filters in the Products section, shipping details and variations/fields on the invoices, flexibility to product tiered pricing and much, much more.

WordPress Banners plugin

The Banner Rotator plugin for WordPress is an extremely useful tool to publish image, flash and code (html/javascript) banners on your WordPress website from advertisers.

We received some requests for Flash clickTAG, start date for banners and the ability to generate HTML code to paste banners on external sites, which we are currently working on and these among many other changes will be in the next release.

Remember to subscribe to us on our blog, Facebook and/or Twitter to be notified when new releases are made!

WordPress Optimized Hosting

For the best shared hosting in the business, look no further. We partnered with Cool Handle to create and promote a WordPress optimized hosting loaded with all the resources you need and all the limits that you might not even need.

You can get a FREE, 30 day trial of this hosting by purchasing any of our WordPress plugins. When you checkout and reach the “Shopping Cart” page on our site, you’ll see a checkbox which you can tick to automatically create your free hosting trial.

Alternatively, you can purchase your WordPress optimized hosting directly from our Cool Handle hosting page. For only $10.95 a month, you get a powerful hosting account specifically optimized for large WordPress sites. Use coupon code TRIBULANT for a 10% discount on your order.

WordPress Plugins

Start selling products, sending newsletters, publishing ads, and more through your own WordPress website using our premium WordPress plugins.

  1. Jan on April 8, 2011

    Is there any way of having a trial version to test it before buying?


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