June 2016 Newsletter

Half way through. What a busy and productive first half of the year. We hope to serve our customers with great development, support and software for the rest of the year. Keep your eyes on the goal, and just keep taking the next step towards completing it.

Tribulant Software brings you the newsletter for the month of June.


“Our work is the presentation of our capabilities” – Edward Gibbon

Have a look at some of the new releases during the month of June.

New Releases

Checkout – Multiple Currencies 1.1


A new release of the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin – Multiple Currencies 1.1 is now available. This release contain great new features, improvements and bug fixes.

Some import features in this release:

  • Save currency to order to keep it fixed for orders history, invoices, etc.
  • Ability to specify fixed currency prices on products
  • Pre-select currency based on customer location setting
  • Save chosen currency as user meta when customer is logged in
  • Set which payment methods work on each currency chosen feature

View the release notes to see the full list of changes for v1.

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WordPress Newsletter Plugin 4.6.2

91SCNRRD25 copy

We’ve released a new version of the WordPress Newsletter plugin 4.6.2. This release contains important bug fixes, improvements and new features.

Some new features:

  • IP address column under Newsletters > Subscribers in admin
  • Subscribe forms interface with drag/drop form builder and settings per form
  • Progress bar for forms with file upload custom fields
  • Ability to remove/delete uploaded file in subscribe form/manage subscriptions
  • Replace video URL with video image and play icon and link to video
  • Minimum number of posts setting for latest posts subscription
  • and more

Get the Newsletter Plugin

New Videos Published

We have published a new video for the Professional Newsletter Template.

and a few more videos…

You can follow us on Vimeo or YouTube for more videos coming soon!

New Server Launched


We have launched another powerful server for our WordPress hosting.

Very few clients are hosted on a single server to provide exclusivity, high performance and maintainability. That way we ensure that all our hosting customers get the best possible hosting quality that they need in order to focus on running their online business.

Same as our other servers, this one has great specs.
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