June/July 2012 Newsletter

The months of June and July this year came and went by quite quickly at Tribulant Software. We’ve been working hard as always to provide great support and even harder to improve our WordPress Plugins. So many interesting things have been going on here, read below for more details.

  • New Releases
    • SlideShow Gallery plugin v1.2 +
    • Newsletter plugin v3.9.3
      • Extension – Formidable Subscribers
    • Shopping Cart plugin 1.6.8
      • Extension – DPS Payment Express (PX Pay)
      • Extension – One Click SSL
      • Extension – Affiliates & Tracking v1.2
  • Upcoming Releases
    • Newsletter plugin
      • Extensions – Gravity Forms & Contact Form 7
    • Shopping Cart plugin
      • Extension – Authorize.net CIM
      • Extension – Echo Global Logistics
  • New Job Vacancies Available
  • Great Success with Mighty Deals
  • Partnership and Integration with Intelly Theme
  • Like us on Facebook

New Releases

We had a few big releases in June and July 2012. The first is our free plugin the WordPress Slideshow Gallery plugin then our popular WordPress Shopping Cart plugin and also a release for our WordPress Newsletter plugin. Read some of the highlights below:

WordPress Slideshow Gallery plugin v1.2 +

We put out 4 releases of the WordPress Slideshow Gallery plugin all really close together. Many great new features, improvements and important fixes. Have a look at the changelog on WordPress.org for details. Here’s some of the new features:

  • Shortcode parameters.
  • TimThumb integration for cropping images.
  • Order slides by random.
  • Colorbox for popup images.
  • Better, more usable hardcoding procedure.
  • and much more…

WordPress Newsletter plugin v3.9.3

This was a great release of the WordPress Newsletter plugin with several new features, improvements and fixes as usual. Here are some highlights:

  • Universal custom fields to always show in the subscribe form.
  • A new file upload custom field.
  • Formidable plugin extension to capture subscribers through forms.
  • A set of action hooks, filter hooks and custom functions.
  • and much more…

Newsletters – Formidable Subscribers

The Formidable Subscribers extension plugin integrates the WordPress Newsletter plugin with the WordPress Formidable plugin with an easy to use subscribe checkbox field.

When editing a form in the Formidable plugin a new “Newsletters” field is available which gives you the ability to put a subscribe checkbox on any form and configure it according to your needs to capture subscribers from Formidable plugin forms.

WordPress Shopping Cart plugin v1.6.8

This was a minor release of the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin. It still has great new features, needed improvements and useful bug fixes though. For more details take a look at the release notes.

  • FedEx Web Services API.
  • Default variation options for products.
  • Zero (0.00) order processing with custom/manual payment method.
  • DPS Payment Express extension plugin.
  • Full WordPress dynamic role/permissions integration.
  • One Click SSL extension plugin.
  • PayPal standard regular post setting to not use the IPN.
  • Initial set of action hooks, filter hooks and custom functions.
  • and much more…

Checkout – DPS Payment Express (PX Pay)

The DPS Payment Express (PX Pay) extension plugin gives you the ability to sell with the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin using your Payment Express account’s hosted payment package with the PX Pay interface.

Simply install this extension plugin, fill in your DPS Payment Express details into the configuration and you are ready to sell! The plugin will send customers away from your site to the secure Payment Express payment page to pay and they are then sent back to your site.

Checkout – One Click SSL

Need to run a shop with an SSL (https://) checkout procedure? With the One Click SSL extension plugin for the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin it is a breeze.

With an SSL certificate installed and configured, simply install this extension plugin, active SSL under Checkout > Configuration > General > Checkout Settings and the software will handle the rest for you ensuring that your customers are on an SSL (https://) protocol during the checkout procedure.

Checkout – Affiliates & Tracking v1.2

A new and improved Affiliates & Tracking extension plugin for the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin which includes several new features. Existing customers who bought this extension plugin can obtain it from the downloads management section.

Upcoming Releases

Several new releases are on their way to you! Here are some of them:

Newsletter plugin extensions

The WordPress Newsletter plugin will get several more extension plugins:

Gravity Forms & Contact Form 7

The integration of the WordPress Newsletter plugin into Gravity Forms and Contact Form 7 respectively. A simple and easy way for users to subscribe to your mailing list(s) as configured as they fill in and submit forms on your WordPress website.

Shopping Cart plugin extensions

More options are added to the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin:

Checkout – Authorize.net CIM

The Authorize.net CIM (Customer Information Manager) integrates with the existing Authorize.net AIM (Advanced Integration Method) in the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin.

Customers will fill in their credit card details and have the option to save the payment details for the next time. The details are then stored using Authorize.net CIM and available to be reused next time the customer goes through checkout.

Checkout – Echo Global Logistics

Calculate shipping rates/services from multiple carriers for your customers during checkout using your Echo Global Logistics account.


New Job Vacancies Available

We currently have 2 new job vacancies available at Tribulant Software.

The one is a support technician to offer both pre-sales and technical customer support to our existing and potential customer base.

The other is a junior web developer with knowledge on WordPress and its languages (PHP/MySQL/JavaScript). Someone with passion for development, please!

Both are full-time positions. If you are interested in applying, please submit a ticket telling us a bit about yourself, your interest in the position and your CV as well please.


Great success with Mighty Deals

We had amazing success with our WordPress plugins bundle deal on Mighty Deals recently selling 70 copies in a few days. Thank you Mighty Deals and all our supporters!

Shortly we’ll be relaunching this deal again on Mighty Deals due to it’s success. Stay subscribed to our Facebook and Twitter to be notified once the new deal is available.


Partnership and Integration with Intelly Theme

The most advanced and beautiful WordPress theme framework is about to be launched and they approached us a few weeks back to integrate our WordPress eCommerce solution.

We will be posting more about this as Intelly is launched and the integration is ready. Stay tuned for more amazing news about this soon!


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  1. Nik Cree on August 2, 2012

    I am glad my sites are powered with Tribulant plugins. You keep going from ‘Good to Great’! Looking forward to your Newsletter update release with Gravity Forms integration. I keep recommending you to other colleagues. Thank you again!

    • Antonie Potgieter on August 3, 2012


      Thank you for your comment and kind words.
      We are glad that you are satisfied with the software.
      Let us know if you need any assistance at all.

      All the best,


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