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Whew – it seems like only yesterday the new year kicked off in all earnest, and before we could blink our eyes May had already come and gone. Here at the southern tip of Africa we feel the first bite of what promises to be a fierce winter. A “small ice period,” the weather forecasters call it. If you are also in the southern hemisphere, wrap yourselves warmly this winter and make sure you’re fortified against flu and cold.  And to help make you feel all warm inside, we have some great news. More about that below…

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2CO Direct Checkout

We have added’s Direct Checkout Integration to the checkout process on our website at

This integration makes checking out with as selected payment gateway much more convenient. After having entered billing information and selecting as the payment method, the customer clicks on “Checkout” below the form and is taken to a page where 2CO Direct Checkout opens in an overlay like this:

2CO Direct Checkout

Upon successful payment, all done in the overlay, the customer is redirected to a new page on our site to confirm the successful transaction.

New WordPress Plugin Releases

WordPress Newsletter Plugin version 3.9.9

Newsletter Plugin v3.9.9

This is our most exciting bit of news! The long-awaited Version 3.9.9 of our Newsletter plugin has just been released and it boasts more than 100 new features, enhancements and fixes, apart from being more stable and faster than the previous version.

Here are just some of the total of 22 hot new features that were added to the Newsletter plugin in this release:

  • Contact Form 7 Integration
  • DKIM Signatures for Outgoing Emails
  • Live Preview while Creating Newsletters
  • Editable Templates for Posts
  • Detailed Bounces/Unsubscribes/Clicks Per Newsletter
  • WordPress Dashboard Widget with Stats
  • Automatic Links with Clicks Tracking Statistics

To read the descriptions of each of the above features, visit this post (opens in a new window).
Read the Newsletter plugin’s release notes for version 3.9.9 here, to see all new features, enhancements and fixes that were applied to this new version.
Read the Newsletter plugin’s online documentation here, and purchase the plugin here.

Existing Newsletter plugin users wishing to update their plugins to the latest release can easily do so from within your current Newsletter plugin at Newsletters > Updates.

If, however, your current version is from before the automatic updates, login to your Tribulant Software account and download the latest version to your hard drive. Then be sure to deactivate your plugin in WordPress under Plugins > Installed Plugins, before updating the plugin following the instructions on this page.

Newsletters – Contact Form 7 Subscribers

Newsletters: Contact Form 7 Subscribers

The brand new (and FREE!) Contact Form 7 Subscribers extension plugin for the Newsletter plugin makes it possible to add a checkbox to the contact form powered by the Contact Form 7 plugin, which allows visitors that submit messages to subscribe to one or more of your mailing lists at the same time.The mailing list(s) that visitors are subscribed to is/are selected in the Contact Form 7 plugin’s configuration, and whether or not subscribers have to confirm their subscription via email depends on the mailing list settings in the Newsletter plugin’s administration interface. See the online documentation here, and download the plugin here.

Newsletters – Embedded Images version 1.1

Newsletters: Embedded Images v1.1 Banner

Hot on the heels of the Newsletter plugin update, comes a brand new release of the Embedded Images extension plugin, version 1.1.

As you know, the Embedded Images extension automatically takes images in the newsletter as you send it out and embeds the images into the email using Content-ID technology. This way the images load immediately as your readers open it, requests to your server are drastically reduced and it is 100% cross-client compatible.

Embedded Images version 1.1 comes with a number of new additions, enhancements and fixes, including the following two new features:

  • A cleanup procedure with a “schedule” feature to remove old attachments
  • Automatic updates/upgrades in WordPress

You can read about the rest in the plugin’s release notes.

Current users can can download version 1.1 if they haven’t done so yet. If you’re drooling over the thought of adding the Embedded Images extension to your Newsletter plugin, you can purchase it here.

To Renew or Not to Renew…

We find that many of our customers still grumble and complain about this issue, not understanding why we have a download subscription system in place.

If you are in that boat, please read this article from our October 2012 newsletter for a clear and concise explanation as to why the download subscription system is vital and for your own good.

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