New Update System

After putting some extensive thought into this and taking all factors into consideration, we have come to the conclusion that this new update system will work more efficiently for both ourselves and of course the customers obtaining software packages from us.

Currently, when a user purchases a software packages, all updates for a major version of a software package is free up until the release of the next major version. For example, if you obtained v1.X of a package, all updates will be free until v2 of the package is released, which will require you to purchase a new license for the software because it is a new major version.

The new updates system will provide you with free updates for both minor and major version updates at a cost per interval. Meaning, you’ll pay a small fee of about $5usd for 3 months of free updates. The first 3 months of updates is included with the first purchase. Read the real life example below.

A WordPress shopping cart plugin is on the way. This plugin might cost 39.99usd (as an example). Lets say that you purchase v1 of this plugin when it is released and new updates are constantly released which you’ll obtain free for the first 3 (three) months after purchasing it. 5 (five) months from now, v2 of the shopping cart plugin may be released and instead of paying the full price of the plugin again, you may download it for free in case you have an update package. You initially paid 39.99usd and 5usd 3 (three) months after that in order to keep your updates active for another 3 (three) months. That totals up to 44.99usd for both v1 and v2 to date instead of the 79.98usd you would’ve paid for both the major versions with the current system. That saves you 34.99usd overall.

This new system is currently being developed and will be made available soon. It will be implemented/integrated into all the current software packages and all upcoming ones as well. If you have any feedback or suggestions regarding this, please feel free to let us know.

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