Newsletter for July ’10

I’m very excited to be back here writing the newsletter to tell you what has been happening here at Tribulant Software over the past month.

It’s been a crazy busy month with loads of support, endless development and ideas that just kept on brewing one after the other. It’s not a complaint, in fact it feels good to look back on a busy month and know that you’ve worked hard and achieved the goals that you have set.

Lets run through some of the highlights of the month of July ’10.

  • New product releases
  • WordPress 3.0.1 released
  • Affiliate commission increase
  • Testimonial/example request
  • Quote of the month

New Product Releases

If you haven’t downloaded and tried any of these new versions, head over to the downloads section and get it now. We always fix several issues in the new builds and some of the new features may be exactly what you have needed or waited for. No, seriously, download the latest versions now!

WordPress Shopping Cart v1.4.7 and v1.4.8

Amazingly, we did two releases for the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin throughout July and the beginning of August.

The first release (1.4.7) was announced at the beginning of July and the second release (1.4.8) was finished at the end of July and announced yesterday on the 2nd of August. They both have fixes, improvements and many new features as usual. We have been working hard on the Shopping Cart plugin and we hope that it is showing. Let me give you a quick, summarized list of some of the new features implemented in the two releases.

  • PayPal surcharge feature.
  • Page templates for products, categories and suppliers.
  • Manual POS credit card removal link.
  • Google Checkout payment gateway.
  • Ajax price update for products.
  • Show custom fields and variations inside the loop.
  • Bulk price increase/decrease.

… and much more. I won’t go into detail for each of those features but you may check the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin release notes for more detailed information on all the changes made to each version.

WordPress Newsletter plugin v3.8.3

The feedback on this release of our WordPress Newsletter plugin has been very positive and our precious users seem to be enjoying it very much.

Several needed features were added to this build which were requested by users and we felt overwhelming joy to present you guys with new built-in gadgets to play with. The two major features added to this release of the WordPress Newsletter plugin were.

  • Latest posts subscriptions.
  • Multi-part emails in plain text and html.

WordPress FAQ plugin v1.4

I really love our WordPress FAQ plugin. It is a smaller plugin compared to some of the bigger ones like the WordPress Newsletter- and Shopping Cart plugin but it has its own unique purpose. It has proven time and time again to be best FAQ plugin for WordPress and our users have told us just that.

Again, inspired by YOU like most new features added to our WordPress plugins. Here are the new features.

  • Post/page creation for questions/answers.
  • Approved/unapproved filter in the ‘Questions’ section of the dashboard.

WordPress 3.0.1

As you may know, WordPress 3.0 was released near the end of June and may I say that WordPress 3.0 is awesome!

We have put some of the new features in WordPress 3.0 to use such as the menus system and of course the most inexplicably powerful multi-site feature. The multi-site feature is used internally by Tribulant Software and we switched to it to help improve our development structure which just makes life a little easier.

If you are using the WordPress multi-site feature and you haven’t heard of BuddyPress, you may want to check it out. It is a great way of linking multiple blogs together and creating a robust social community.

Excuse me. Before I get carried away. WordPress 3.0.1 was a maintenance release with bug fixes to the previously released WordPress 3.0. All our WordPress plugins are fully compatible with WordPress 3.0.1 as well and they are guaranteed to work on it without problems.

Affiliate Commission Increase

We are hoping to lure as many people to our affiliate program as possible. Reason is that we have great products to sell and they definitely do sell so everyone has the ability to make good commission from it.

The affiliate commission on referred sales has been increased to 15% and the commission on indirect sales – meaning when you refer someone to become an affiliate and they make a sale – has been increased to 10%.

You can read the full blog post on the affiliate commission increase and then sign up for our affiliate program if you want to start promoting our products in exchange for commission on each sale. All the links and banners that you need are provided for each of our products so you guys have no excuses. Come on, I know you can do it!

Testimonial/Example Request

Are you currently using any of our WordPress plugins? If you are, we’d love to hear from you and tell users who browse our site what you have to say and what you have to show off.

Please consider writing a 40 – 50 word testimonial about a specific product or even about our business and our service as a whole. If you write us a testimonial, it gets published on our site with your name, your business name and a link back to the site of your choice. Please send it through.

Additionally, we are trying to add more example sites to the showcase of each of our products so that potential customers can see the products in action on 3rd party sites (now that’s you guys I’m referring to) to have a better perspective. We are good at code but sometimes we fail at design, at least when I look at your sites. They are beautiful, colorful, professional, usable and just plain damn good. Send us a message and tell us about your site that you’d like to share on our site.

I have heaps of faith here. So far the submissions have been great and we are hoping to receive loads more. Come on!

Quote of the Month

DETERMINATION – We are made to persist. That’s how we find out who we are. Tobias Wolff

Earn Money by Referring People

Refer customers to us with your affiliate link and earn commission on sales from your link.

Get Started

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