November 2016 Newsletter

We’re nearing the end of the year, but still going strong on developing and support. Tribulant Software brings you the newsletter for November 2016. Let’s use the last month of this year to complete our goals for 2016.


Let’s have a look at some happenings at Tribulant Software during the month of November:

New Releases

WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin 1.9.2


A new update of our WordPress Shopping Cart plugin is now available. Update your checkout plugin now to fix bugs and to enjoy our new features and improvements.

Important new Features

  • Merchant e-Solutions payment gateway (extension)
  • Specify a barcode value on products
  • Min and max shipping weight per shipping method
  • UPS negotiated rates
  • Option to keep product description outside the tab section
  • Setting to turn on/off styled email template
  • WYSIWYG editor for notifying customer while editing order
  • Order messenger system

New bug Fixes

  • Digital files not downloading in some cases
  • Product with stock -1 or 1 stock shows out of stock
  • Stock/inventory not decreasing on order
  • Digital items calculate on shipping tiers – order total shipping
  • Can’t update quantity on cart
  • and more…

WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin

Checkout – Loyalty Rewards 1.1


A new update for the WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin extension Loyalty Rewards is now available.

Use the Loyalty Rewards extension to say “Thank You” to your customers for purchasing on your website by giving them rewards.

As customers checkout on your online store, they receive rewards. When the same customers return to your shop to purchase more products/services, they can apply these loyalty rewards to their order as a discount.

Checkout – Loyalty Rewards

WordPress Hosting


Get super fast, secure and reliable WordPress hosting from Tribulant Software.

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Client Reviews

Check out what our customers are saying about our plugins and service

Some Testimonials from our clients:

“I’m very satisfied and its been one of the most pleasurable buying experiences for a long time. Pity others cannot be as accommodating with their sales. Very happy I found you guys. The shopping cart seems to work well, very simple to follow in setting things up, everything seems to be there and…” – Paul Rich

“Tribulant team offers the best customer service I’ve seen from plugin companies and other web-service companies. You truly went above and beyond assisting us in making the best use of your well-designed products, and resolving issues in a timely manner with immense patience with us. I salute your pr…” – Maggie Luo

“Just want to take this opportunity to thank you for all your support, was saying to friend if I had to do another shop in the future and was offered a free shop plugin I would still rather buy plugin from you knowing how you keep it updated and with the wonderful support you offer….” – Alan & Shane

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