October 2010 Newsletter

What a great feeling it is to be back here writing the monthly newsletter. Let us tell you what happened throughout the month of October 2010 and highlight some of the important events.

It has been a really, really busy month developing new builds of our WordPress plugins, offering support and just pulling strings all over the place. Telling all of you about it is very exciting and what it is really all about, honestly.

  • New Plugin Releases
    • WordPress Custom Fields plugin v1.2.3
    • WordPress Newsletter plugin v3.8.4
    • WordPress Shopping Cart plugin v1.5.3
  • WordPress Optimized Hosting
  • Special Edition Plugins Bundle

New Plugin Releases

We managed to get 3 major WordPress plugin releases done throughout the month of October after much hard work, preparation and testing.

WordPress Custom Fields plugin v1.2.3

A great release of the WordPress Custom fields plugin was announced with improved WordPress 3.0 multi-site compatibility and other improvements.

You can read the announcement and see the release notes for more information.

WordPress Newsletter plugin v3.8.4

The new release of the WordPress Newsletter plugin introduced our new serial key validation system, several new features and a much, much more robust piece of newsletter software overall.

You can read the announcement, see the release notes for more detailed information and here is a list of feature highlights:

  • Serial key validation.
  • Email settings testing utility.
  • Comment form checkbox for subscriptions.
  • Insert single/multiple posts into newsletters.
  • Custom fields columns in the ‘Subscribers’ section.
  • Server cron job/tab email scheduling.

WordPress Shopping Cart plugin v1.5.3

Wow, the feedback on v1.5.3 has been extremely positive. We were very pleased to know that our customers enjoyed the new features in the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin upgrade.

You can read the announcement or view the detailed release notes for more information. Here is a list of some of the new features added:

  • Virtual Merchant payment gateway.
  • FedEx shipping rate calculator.
  • PDF order invoices.
  • “Your Account” page for orders, downloads, etc.
  • Products text search widget.
  • Multiple, regional tax rates.
  • Target markets setting.
  • Pick accepted Manual POS credit cards.
  • Serial key validation system.

WordPress Optimized Hosting

Cool Handle approached us with a very appealing proposal to create a mutually beneficial partnership in order to increase the value of both our services/products.

We collaborated with Cool Handle and they researched the best possible web hosting setup to cater for WordPress and our WordPress plugins.

The hosting is extremely powerful with loads of resources, unlimited domains, unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth and much, much more!

For more information, see our WordPress optimized hosting package.

Get a FREE, 30 days hosting trial!

All of our existing and new customers have the most awesome opportunity to claim a FREE, 30 days WordPress optimized hosting trial.

You are not locked into any contract or recurring payment. If you don’t want to renew after 30 days, you don’t have to BUT we’re confident that with this level of service, powerful technology and ease of use, you’d definitely want to continue using our WordPress optimized hosting package.

You can get this by buying any of our WordPress plugins and on the shopping cart page of our site you will see a checkbox which you can tick/select to get your hosting.

Go for it! Why waste anymore time with slow hosting and limited resources? It just doesn’t make sense, we’re all here to do business as efficiently as possible, isn’t that right?

Special Edition Plugins Bundle

We are currently discussing and brainstorming the idea of bundling all 8 of our WordPress plugins together and creating a special edition package at an incredible price.

The catch is that we don’t intend to sell this digitally but we are throwing around the idea of having software boxes/DVD cases made and printed with the plugins on a disc and an installer which will (optionally) upload and install your plugins directly from your computer onto your site for you.

These are still ideas though and the reason we are mentioning it is to get some feedback from you guys. If you want to suggest anything, please go ahead.

This is with very strong intend and we will be putting this plan into action very soon. Watch this space! 😉

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