October 2015 Newsletter

Tribulant brings you the newsletter for October. The end of the year is closing in on us.


Have a look at some of the exciting happenings we had during the month of October.

“The thing always happens that you really believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it happen.” — Frank Loyd Wright

New Releases

Checkout – FastWay


FastWay, a new additional shipping method for the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin.

FastWay is a courier franchise which delivers fast, reliable, and cost effective courier services.

Use this FastWay extension to add an additional shipping method to your WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin.

The plugin will take your account information and send it through to FastWay on the shipping step of the checkout procedure to calculate shipping on the order.

Get the Extension

Newsletters – Special Dates Autoresponder

A new extension for the WordPress Newsletter plugin.

The special dates autoresponder extension adds a special date functionality to the autoresponders in our WordPress Newsletter plugin.

You will now be able to send out autoresponders with your newsletter plugin based on certain conditions. eg. You can send out an autoresponder 3 days before one of your subscribers birthdays, or you can send out an autoresponder one year after subscription date.

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Newsletter Plugin

A new release of the WordPress Newsletter plugin is available. Version contains some bug fixes, improvements and new features.

New Features

  • Standard/Advanced admin mode setting
  • Invisible custom posts

Fixed Issues Highlights

  • Unable to unselect “Different Reply To” setting
  • Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STATIC class.html2text.php
  • Mandatory status on subscriber not saved
  • Spam score utility generates Javascript error
  • TinyMCE single post, empty category remains on “loading…”

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New Price Reductions


Great news for our Tribulant Software customers. We’ve made some price reductions.

Here are the areas where we reduced prices:

WordPress Plugins

Subscriptions (Extend/Renew)

The prices of subscriptions are now reduced.

All customers extending or renewing licenses will pay less.

Unlimited Domains Licenses and Upgrades

And then we have also reduced prices on our unlimited domains licenses for all WordPress plugins and extension plugins.

This includes upgrades as well so if you own one or more single license on any plugin or extension, you can upgrade it to an unlimited domains license for a reduced price now as well.

WordPress Hosting

Starter only $9.99 /mo

Perfect for single websites looking for optimized speed and backup 

The starter package includes:

  • 1 Website, 10GB disk space, Unlimited Bandwidth, Hosting Control Panel, Daily Backups

Developer only $24.90 /mo

Best option if you are a developer looking for fast websites and easy management

The developer package includes:

  • 5Websites, 50GB disk space, Unlimited Bandwidth, Hosting Control Panel, Daily Backups

Reseller only $79.90 /mo

Manage multiple accounts with easy in a fast and reliable server

The reseller package includes:

  • 20Websites, 200GB disk space, Unlimited Bandwidth, Hosting Control Panel, Daily Backups

Get WordPress Hosting Now!

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WordPress Plugins

Start selling products, sending newsletters, publishing ads, and more through your own WordPress website using our premium WordPress plugins.


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