September 2010 Newsletter

Newsletter for September 2010.

We worked hard and had a great deal of fun here throughout the end of August and the beginning of September. Read more about the happenings in our newsletter.

  • New plugin releases
    • WordPress FAQ plugin v1.4.2
    • WordPress Shopping Cart plugin v1.5
  • New employee – Kyle Schuller
  • Partnership with Template Builder
  • Affiliate program & payouts
  • Community/support forums
  • Facebook page launched

New Plugin Releases

WordPress FAQ plugin v1.4.2

We were so proud to release this new version of the WordPress FAQ plugin containing several features that our users requested.

It includes very useful features like notification to a user who asked a question when it is answered, custom CSS in the configuration area, related questions with a drag and drop interface, groups filter in the Questions section and much more.

You can read the blog post and also see the release notes for a detailed list of changes.

WordPress Shopping Cart plugin v1.5

On the same note, the WordPress Shopping Cart plugin consisted of a long list of improvements and fixes to make it even better!

It now includes the Canada Post shipping module to calculate shipping rates on the fly. It also has several usability features such as the ability to manage shop categories and additional product images directly on the Save a Product screen while working on a product. It saves you loads of time!

The blog post has some screenshots and descriptions while the release notes will provide you with a detailed list of all the changes made since its last release.

New Employee – Kyle Schuller

A new employee was hired at the beginning of September 2010 as a support/sales technician and general worker in the business. Give the newbie a warm welcome everyone!

Kyle Schuller is a young, intelligent and hard-working individual with a passion for technology and eagerness and learn new things. He has been doing very well over the past two weeks and we hope that he will continue to thrive and learn the Tribulant Software plugins as he has been doing.

You will most likely speak to Kyle in the helpdesk and on the community forums from time to time if you haven’t already. Read more about Kyle on our staff page.

Partnership with Template Builder

Template Builder is an online template building system with which you can create full Joomla templates and WordPress themes. It has an amazing set of features and they are constantly improving it.

We negotiated with Roemie Hillenaar from Template Builder after they approached us and we formed a mutual partnership in which we provide all of you guys with a free, 1 month Template Builder trial when you purchase any product from us.

Together with your order receipt, you will receive a separate email with your Template Builder voucher code for your 1 month trial and instructions on how to activate it.

You shouldn’t have to struggle with custom Joomla and WordPress designs if you have Template Builder at your fingertips. It really makes the building of Joomla and WordPress websites so much easier!

Affiliate Program & Payouts

The affiliate program has been doing very well. We had over 35,000 impressions for banners and links from affiliates which is a major increase from the previous month.

We were both excited and happy yesterday to do the affiliate payouts for the past month. Some of the affiliates have done very well and we hope that they feel very proud of themselves for earning good money.

If you want to promote and sell WordPress plugins to earn 15% commission for each sale referred, please join our affiliate program right now!

Community/Support Forums

We had forums a while back, probably a year and a half or two years ago. We terminated the forums due to too many customers depending on it for support while it was meant for community discussions only. We replaced it with our helpdesk.

Now we are having a second go at running forums and we are very excited about it. Hopefully many of you will post some questions and findings on there that may be useful to other users in the future. It is also a good place for us to discuss new features.

Please join our community forums and make your mark on there. We are anxiously waiting for you and we look forward to talking with you on there.

Facebook Page Launched

Marketing equals conversion but information equals power. We want you all to be the first to know when a new release is available or when we have something to say that is relevant to Tribulant Software and our products.

We launched a Facebook page which is constantly updated with all the latest information from Tribulant Software. We put new releases, new documentation, useful articles and other things on there.

Join/like our Facebook page and you can get a notification inside Facebook when news is available. Go on, do it!

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