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Thank you for choosing our WordPress plugin(s). We are glad that you are using our product(s). We hope that you have had a pleasant experience with Tribulant Software and that you are able to use the product(s) to its full potential.

Please consider the following two things below. Both of these requests from us will be beneficial to you as well since we give a free link back to the URL/link of your choice which will improve your page rank on Google and results on other search engines. Both will be publicly visible.

1. Product testimonial: A short, 40 – 50 word testimonial for the product(s) that you are using, stating shortly its level of usability and how it has been useful to you in your business environment. 40 – 50 words is only one paragraph and you can write it in your own words.

2. Example/Showcase Site: Give us a URL/link to your site so that we can add it to our examples showcase for other customers to see on the Tribulant Software site. You can see our current example/showcase sites on each product page, under the ‘Showcase’ tab.

Please submit testimonials and example/showcase sites through the helpdesk. Thank you for your time and effort. We appreciate your contribution and hope to build a strong, ongoing business relationship with you and your company. Let us know if you have any questions.

We look forward to your positive response!

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