The Benefits of Using an Email Marketing Plugin for Your Business

When you were doing marketing in the past, you had to anticipate a lot of work. There were letters to mail, ads to be placed in newspapers and magazines. You also had to think about possibly using billboards or airing commercials. Now you have a fairly simple way of reaching people and it’s right there on your computer.

All you’re going to have to do is send emails. Even that was more complicated in the past – you’d probably have to go to three different sites to get the job done. You don’t have to worry about that when you use email marketing plugins.

While focusing on improving your business with tools like email marketing plugins, it’s also wise to safeguard your personal assets and business legacy. An online will service can help you quickly and efficiently secure your future, ensuring that both your business and personal wishes are preserved and protected.

While it’s important to reach people, you also want to keep their information private. You want anyone who gives you their data to trust you. The last thing you want is for hackers to ruin the day for both you and your customers. That’s where Cisco cloud security comes in. It protects your data, so your customers will know that you are trustworthy.


You Can Keep Everything In A Central Hub

In the past, email marketing could be really annoying. You’d have to write the email on one site, copy the text to another one and then port that to another site to send it out. Email marketing plugins have everything in one place. You can view one dashboard and save yourself the trouble of going from site to site. You’ll be a lot more productive and it’s easier to track everything.


It’s Easy To Schedule Emails

People have their preferences when they like to read their emails. Some open them as soon as they’ve woken up. Others like to wait until 9 am. There are those who prefer to read their emails when they’re at lunch, which is usually noon. Tools like TinyEmail and ActiveCampaign offer powerful scheduling features, allowing you to send your emails at the optimal time for maximum engagement, whether it’s first thing in the morning or during their afternoon slump. That way, you can see if you’re also reaching people who read their emails at 4 pm in a way to distract themselves while waiting for it to be quitting time.


You Can Meet Data Compliance Rules

Do you have American customers or international ones? If you’re emailing people in Europe, for example, you need to make sure the emails don’t violate the GDPR regulations. The United States has its own state and federal email regulations. You can set up your email marketing plugin to send certain emails locally and other ones abroad.You can write your content without worrying about inadvertently breaking any domestic or international laws or about paying any potentially hefty fines.


You Can Send Your Latest Posts

Did you write a really great blog entry? You can use the email marketing plugin to send them out immediately. You can do custom content creation with a plugin, too. Want to reach everyone? You can have various levels of automation, which will ensure that every customer gets a reply.

The email plugin can also help increase your response time to customers. Usually, a customer wants a reply to a question within 10 minutes. You can shave the time off from the usual two days, which will increase their satisfaction.

The companies that make these plugins keep a lot of your potential concerns in mind. Worried that it might slow down your site? They make sure that it doesn’t affect performance. That’ll be a relief for you and your customers. If the site slows down, then they might impatiently click out and cost you a potential sale.


You Can Send Newsletters

Do you like to send newsletters? There are email marketing plugins, like our Tribulant WordPress Newsletter plugin, that you can use to customize newsletters. They may even include templates for the newsletters. That way, you can do everything from birthday campaigns, autoresponders, paid lists, to sending out the newsletters. There are even options for making public archives, so people can see your most recent editions. You’ll be able to customize things to suit your needs.

You might even want to use the newsletter format for your email campaigns. They let you take a more informal tone. It’ll seem like you’re a friend talking with them rather than someone who is just sending things to try to get money or sell something. You can include links for certain things, so if something interests your subscriber, they can just click on the link. It’s much more organic this way. You can even have links to your social media profiles, so you can grow your following there. All of this can be done with the email marketing plugin.

Are you running a business that has a large client base? Then you really need to think about getting an email marketing plugin. If you’re worried about spending any of your budget on one, you’ll find that you get a great return on your investment. Then, you’ll wonder how you ever marketed before without one.

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