The best online platforms for your startup company

Startup businesses require a bit of bureaucracy to make them work. Whether it’s spreadsheets to keep on top of your expenses, a CMS system to keep your website ticking over, or templates for your invoices and purchase orders, these are all helpful for your business’ day-to-day functionality. Online platforms are great for helping your business operate in an online capacity; they remove the need for endless amounts of paperwork, as well as being ideal to capture data.


Employee satisfaction monitoring

If your startup is going to be hiring staff right from the get-go, it’s a wise idea to start taking in feedback as soon as you can. Keeping your personnel on-side from day one will help to keep stability within your business. Not having to deal with writing job adverts is an absolute time-saver, especially in your first few months and years of business. There are online platforms, such as Inpulse, which help businesses to monitor employee satisfaction and track feedback. This is perfect for a startup that wants to put its employees’ happiness first.



Any website builder that has a dashboard to work from is useful for a business startup. If you have a blog that you want to run to create intrigue about your brand, WordPress is about as useful as it gets. They also have useful dashboard insights areas that allow you to see the reach of your website, and how many daily and weekly visitors you are getting. You can also add Google Ads to build a bit of extra revenue (although only on a business website).


Earth Girl Hosting

If you are an e-commerce online business, then you will need somewhere to display your products. When it comes to online e-commerce platforms, you will have an absolute abundance to choose from. Earth Girl Hosting, however, seems to rank incredibly well, and they may be in part down to the fact that they have 24-hour support for their users, and that they are overly friendly and understanding. They are also completely clear about their pricing, which is helpful for startups who have a tight budget to stick to. There’s nothing worse than discovering you have an extra fee to pay should you require a more well-rounded service. It’s also a breeze to transfer from your hosting to Earth Girl Hosting as their North American 24/7 support staff migrate your current website(s) for free.



If you have been researching your startup for a while, it’s will have been almost impossible not to have heard of Wix. This website builder is ideal for many startups because of its community support groups, e-commerce platform, and it’s building-block approach to designing a website. As with WordPress and many other hosting platforms, there are different prices for different levels of service.



For startups looking to simplify their billing process, this invoicing software is a game-changer. Billdu enables you to create professional invoices, estimates, quotes and purchase orders with ease. Its user-friendly interface ensures quick invoicing and faster payments. With real-time expense tracking and insightful financial reports, managing your business finances has never been easier. This makes it one of the best online platforms for startups in need of efficient invoicing solutions.


You may find that many of these platforms are just a jumping-block for your business. You may require something more complex and substantial when your business grows and develops into a more sophisticated model. In the meantime, theses online platforms are great for establishing your presence online and managing those who work under you.

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