Tips On Getting Good Results With Multiple Websites

Getting exposure and more traffic to your page becomes harder and harder every day. Not only because there are thousands of websites, but also because of the ever-changing SEO rules and requirements.

A network of websites in the SEO industry is called a Private Blog Network (PBN). Love them or hate them, PBN strategies are widely used by webmasters to increase website traffic and earn an online living, but they can also be tricky to pull off. While this is an efficient way to get more traffic, PBN strategies can also get your sites red-carded and out of the search results—if you don’t make safety your priority.

But don’t worry—if you’re thinking about giving PBNs a shot, there are some things you can do in order to stay safe and get the most bang for your buck.

How To Get Good Results With Multiple Websites

Find The Right Seeds & Domains

The key to having a good PBN setup is finding relevant domains. By getting your hands on a list with good seed sites and expired domains, you can find the ones in your niche that are just right.

Test Your PBN Sites

Knowing the strength of your PBN site will let you know how to set it up. Simply revive some older links and add a backlink somewhere in the content. Monitor the changes in traffic on that link for a few weeks, and if you notice the site moving up in ranking, then you got yourself a good PBN site that packs a punch.

Link To Authority Sites In The Same Content That Links To Your Site

Having a post that links to only one website is a no-no. This can raise suspicion and reduce the authenticity of the content. Link to other authority sites in order to make your content more credible and appear more natural. But watch out not to overdo it or make a pattern by adding the same number or type of links, as you might lose some of the link juice.

Stock Up Your PBN Sites With Content Before Linking To Your Site

Setting up your PBN sites takes patience, and it’s normal to have the urge to add a link to your site with the first content you push out. Don’t do it. Try adding some authority links and let the content mature before adding a link to your site.

While this move can be costly, it provides safety. Also, waiting it out doesn’t mean that when the time comes, you should add the link to every post right away. Add it to a few, then wait a few weeks, then add it to a few more, and so on and on, so it doesn’t seem suspicious.

Diversify Your Anchor Texts

Using the same anchor texts is pretty common on pages, but when going with a PBN, you should skip it. In fact, we suggest changing it in every post. Why? Again, because it raises suspicion. Using the same anchor text is usually good and adds authority to a page, but you can achieve the same with good on-site optimization.

A Good Hosting Service Is Key

Hosting your PBN sites requires careful management and planning, and you need to make sure you don’t leave a trace that can connect you to both your PBN and main site, or risk getting the boot from the search engine results pages (SERPs). Consider a PBN hosting provider like LaunchCDN, which uses CDN services, as these can help keep your website speed high and won’t leave a footprint.

Slowly Increase The Number Of PBNs

Once you get your first 2-3 PBN sites up and running, don’t go rushing by adding more. Let them work their magic for a bit, develop them, and only after they have a decent amount of content should you proceed with creating new ones. Also, there is no point in starting with 20 sites right from the start. It’s costly and you risk getting de-indexed. Start light, and then work your way up.

Use Different Domain Registrars For Each PBN

Keeping all domains in one registrar is not a bad idea, as the danger of being flagged because of it is not big. Why? Well, there are only a few popular companies that work with registering domains. For extra safety, keeping some PBN sites’ domains in different registrars can help further cover your tracks.

Don’t Always Use Real Info While Registering Domains

It’s risky and can lead to your main site. You can simply fake a persona. Use a fake name, a random P.O. Box, and make sure the email you use that’s connected to the domain is also fake, and all the mail is redirected to your real address.


Despite being a gray-hat SEO technique, PBNs are still a widely used tactic. While it does take some work to make them safe and efficient, the effort is worth it. Stick to the tips above and there’s a good chance your PBN will launch your site into the stars.

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