Top 5 UX/UI Tips for Your WordPress Website

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Creating a website from scratch is often too expensive for a small business or startup. Addressing a professional UX or UI design agency for website design can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $100,000. That is why there are plenty of platforms where you can build an e-commerce portal, landing, or blog almost for free. They do not require programming skills or experienced, critical design skills. One of the most popular drag-and-drop website builders in the world is WordPress.

The following recommendations will help you improve the UX/UI side of your WordPress website. In particular, companies holding a corporate blog, freelancers, and webmasters will find this article useful.

From this post, you will figure out which color is best for your website, fonts to use, how to create the right shapes, what to do if you don’t want to create a site from scratch and how graphics can help keep a visitor on your website longer.


  • Choose the right colors
  • Create user-friendly web forms
  • Try premium themes
  • Add clear and beautiful graphic elements
  • Use the correct fonts


How to Increase the Usability of Your WordPress Website

Use these simple tips to make your WordPress website look like it was made by real professionals. 


Pick the Right Colors

When choosing a color scheme, always make a portrait of the target audience. You need to understand who is going to use your website and how they will use it. Also, you need to understand their tastes, needs, and problems. Different groups of people like different colors. By showing them the “target” colors, you’re able to better connect with them. 

Another thing to take into account is the theme of the website. Consider which niche your business belongs to. A correctly selected palette will make users comfortable and increase the chances they will take the desired action.

How to understand which color to choose? Consider the following:

  1. The portrait of your target audience. One group of users may like bright colors, while other visitors will prefer more natural ones.
  2. The theme of the website directly affects the choice of colors. For example, for large-scale industrial projects, reserved colors like gray and dark blue are desirable. The combination of white and black and other “classical” colors is also a proper choice. However, pink or red is often perceived as lacking professionalism. 


Create User-Friendly Web Forms

When designing pop-up menus and fill-in forms, do not forget about the main rule: the simpler, the better. Ask only for necessary information. For example, if you give a loan at a bank, it is not required to ask for permanent registration because this can be found from the person’s ID or other documents.

Tip: Provide information to the user in small doses. Do not dump a bunch of questions on their heads right away. This may scare them. The less a person thinks, the higher the chance that they will linger on your WordPress website.


Try Premium Themes

If you have no desire to engage in personalized website development from scratch, try premium WordPress themes. Dozens of them can be found on the Internet. They are easy to install, and often look much better than their free peers.

The only drawback is that you may need to change some elements in them to make the theme better fit your style.


Add Graphics

Users love pictures, photos, and vibrant infographics. They are easy to understand without reading the text. Adding pictures to an article will increase the interest of readers. Use the graphics to clarify the main points, compare something, or conveniently display statistics.


Use the Correct Fonts

Properly selecting fonts is one of the main tasks of UX/UI designers. To avoid overstraining the user’s eyes, combine several types of fonts.

Tip: Be careful, and do not use more than 2 to 3 fonts on the same website. This will avoid overloading the website’s visuals.



When creating a website design for your WordPress project, consider the principles of UX/UI. In short, avoid situations where users are thinking more than acting. The less the visitor thinks, the easier it is for them to navigate the site. Remember that simplicity always attracts people, especially on the Internet. Accent this simplicity by adding intriguing elements like infographics, slides, or other types of visuals. It makes your ideas more captivating and understandable.

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