What You Need To Have When You Want To Start A Blog

People start a blog for different reasons. Generally, a blog is an online platform that showcases a person’s written content. A blog can cover a wide variety of topics – from politics, fashion, or your passions and hobbies. While some do it to earn money, others are using their blogs as a platform to share their stories and build communities.

In the business context, a blog can be a great way of attracting targeted leads. If you’re planning to take the same direction but and don’t have any idea on how to start a blog, this article can provide helpful tips.

For you to become a successful blogger, make sure that you have the following before you start a blog:

1. Blog Topic

When starting a blog, deciding what topic to write should come first. When you know what your blog is all about, it’ll be easier to pick a domain name and target the right readers.

For you to choose a winning blog topic, start by listing down all of the topics that are appealing to you. These topics can be about your passion or interests, topics that you think can provide income, or basically any random topic you’ve seen from other resources.

Ask yourself which among these topics you’ll see yourself writing long-term. Do you have the interest to write about politics, or are you only interested in talking about this topic because of the controversies happening today? Can you provide interesting topics on fashion today and in the months to come?

Thus, when choosing a topic for your blog, it’s best if you pick one that you’re truly interested about. Choosing a topic that’s up your alley will motivate you to research more and publish blogs regularly.

2. Blogging Platform

After deciding what topics to write about, next is choosing a blogging platform to use.

A blogging platform is a service or software you use to publish your blogs regularly. Blogging platforms now come with a content management system, which allows you to easily organize your online content.

There are several blogging platforms available today, ranging from free to paid versions. If you’re having a hard time deciding what blogging platform to use, consider your audience, how much control do you want, and how much are you willing to invest for it. Lastly, the usability of the platform’s content management system should also be considered, as well.

3. Domain Name

Picking a domain name for your blog is just as important as choosing a topic to write about. Your domain name is your blog’s permanent address on the World Wide Web, and eventually, it can also become the brand of your blog.

Don’t pick any random word for your domain name. A good domain name requires planning and thorough research. After all, you want this domain name to create a positive impression on the readers, not shoo them away from reading your blogs.

Choosing a domain name for your blog can become easier if you consider these tips:

  • Picking something relevant is one of the easiest ways to choose a domain name. If your blog talks about the fashion trends for 2019 and in the future, a domain name that has the word “fashion” in it can be a great option.
  • Your domain name should also be brandable, so online users can easily remember your blog. The simpler the domain name is, the better. This will eventually foster brand loyalty and encourage them to talk about your blog to their friends and family.
  • Avoid using a domain name that contains symbols and numbers. For some online users, these characters can be a red flag for an unreliable online platform. A domain name that has symbols and numbers can be hard to remember, too.

4. Web Hosting

Web hosting is a service that allows bloggers like you to post online content to the internet. Web hosting provides power to your blog, so whenever someone types in your domain name, they can be redirected to your actual blog and access the content. Without the right web hosting, your blog won’t go anywhere – your blog will end up stale online without having any readers.

New bloggers would often pick web hosting services that are free, thinking that this is a good starting point for them. However, free web hosting doesn’t always guarantee the best results. On the contrary, choosing to use a free web hosting will only require you more time and money in the long run.

This is one of the reasons why you should opt to pay for web hosting services from a reputable company. Just make sure that you compare several options first and check the reviews of these hosting companies.

Preparation Is Key

Starting a blog just for the sake of having one won’t bring you success. Keep in mind that the World Wide Web features millions of bloggers from different parts of the world. For you to stand out, take the time to properly prepare. The beginning is usually the hardest part of any process, but preparation can make things easier.

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