Why Personalised Business Cards could really benefit your Law Firm

There are a lot of different ways to advertise a law firm. You could have your own website and constantly post about your cases and availability on it. You could set up a number of social media pages and continually keep your clients in the loop with what’s going on. Even having people in the streets handing out fliers could be helpful, but I think sometimes it’s good to stick to the old fashioned ways. Some people are tired of all the craze surrounding the internet and want to keep things simple, and that’s where I think business cards come into the equation. Now, I know what you’re thinking- these are really behind the times, are they not? Will people not just bin them? I don’t think they will- as long as you know how to make them effective. If you do, they could gain you a lot more clients. What do you need to do though? Here’s why personalized business cards could really benefit your law firm.

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Now, business cards could be a great option for a number of reasons. First of all, they could give you a great option if you’re talking to a potential client who is busy or in a rush. Sometimes people just use this as an excuse to get away from you, but in a lot of cases people who are genuinely interested in your firm might not have the time to talk to you or write down a phone number- we’ve all been in situations like that. That’s why business cards could be effective, as you can simply hand them a card while they get on their way and they’ll get in contact with you later. They can do it all in their own time, which means they’ll feel comfortable and will be much more likely to work with you when they want to.

You can also put whatever information you think is necessary for your business cards. After all, it’s you in charge of the design process and you can choose what to include. A boring looking business card might not make people think you’re worth giving a call, so try to make them quite interesting. Even including a small image on your cards could make people more inclined to phone you up looking for legal advice. Small visual cues like this tend to catch people’s eyes and make them likely to follow up on any interest they have. You can also put any contact details you want on the cards- phone numbers, emails or even a physical address if people want to see you in person.

It also shouldn’t cost you too much. A lot of advertising techniques can be quite pricey and set you back a bit of money, but business cards are normally quite cheap to make. Even if they do end up being a little more expensive than you anticipated, they’re free to distribute so it won’t impact you too heavily. You’ll also get more money from clients that you gain through the business cards, so you’ll most likely make the money back in no time anyway.

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  1. hr footprints on November 20, 2019

    Some people are tired of all the craze surrounding the internet and want to keep things simple, and that’s where I think business cards come into the equation.


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