Why You Need an Online Countertop Estimator to Make the Right Decision in Your Kitchen

The planning stage of building or remodeling your kitchen can be fun and exciting. Nonetheless, it can also be stressful and worrisome if you don’t know how to properly manage all the variables. The planning stage is easiest when you have as much information as possible, and decisions regarding countertops can affect what is required in the construction of the cabinets for example. An online countertop estimator will allow you to keep track of these different kitchen components, and ensure that they work together and fit together to give you the exact kitchen that you want. Online tools allow you to experiment with different designs and styles, and calculate the costs that are associated with each of the particular types of countertops.


1. Selecting a Surface

These days there are more choices than ever when it comes to types of countertops. Stone has become very popular, and though it is expensive, options like granite and marble create beautiful tops that are durable as well. Concrete and recycled glass are unique options, as are the solid surface tops like Corian which can look almost as nice as actual stone in some cases. Laminate tops are less common today, but are still an option, especially when the budget is tight. Selecting your material type is the first and easiest part of the process, but there is nothing permanent about this phase of the project. When you get to the end of creating your countertop online, you can experiment with changes to the material type to try and stay within the budget.

The type of material to be used is one of many things that must be taken into consideration. Its easiest to make decisions around the shape, dimensions, and material type when you have a visual model of the countertop you are planning, and an online countertop estimator gives you that picture. The dimensions of your new countertop are affected by the size and the layout of your base cabinets, along with the overhang size, and the location of appliances.


2. The Layout and the Cutouts

The estimator allows you to consider major elements of the design and construction of your countertop, such as the location of cutouts for sinks and cooktops. The ability to try out different configurations will help you find the one that is the most functional and aesthetically pleasing. Typically, the overhang of your countertop is much greater on the side of a peninsula that is opposite from the kitchen space. Knowing this enables you to factor in 12 inches of overhang as opposed to the standard 1 ¾ inches. In addition, the calculator will factor in other important information such as whether seams will be required and the optimal placement of those seams.

When it comes to countertop edges you have several choices: bevel, bullnose, half bullnose, round over, and bookend are just a few. This is another piece of information that the estimator will factor into your overall countertop design. In most instances, a backsplash will be used wherever the countertop meets a wall, and the dimensions of the backsplash will factor into the overall square footage of the material.


3. Add Up the Numbers

Once you know the shape and the dimensions of the top, and the length of the backsplashes, you can use the online estimator to calculate the overall square footage. The material type can be applied to the square footage to obtain an estimate of what the countertop will cost. With this new piece of information, you can move forward in any number of ways. You may decide that the material you chose is too expensive, and will not fit into your budget.

Using the estimator could help you come up with the price for a less expensive type of material. Alternately you might decide that you don’t want to compromise on the type of countertop, so you know that you will have to consider different cabinets or different appliances for instance.


Optimize the Shape

The countertop estimator creates a better view of what the finished kitchen will look like. Having a better idea of what the layout will be can help you decide on the layout of the cabinets as well. Once you complete the design, you may find that you want a different shape entirely. You might realize that a U-shape countertop is not what you like, that an L-shape is better. Or maybe an L-shape with an island. Now that you see this you can make plans for the cabinets according to this new layout.

Similarly, the visual representation of the layout can help you make better decisions on the location of appliances and sinks. The ability to experiment with different locations for these accompaniments without consequence allows you to try on different ideas. In the end, you could decide that the sink should go where you originally had the cooktop and vice versa.


A Help to the Contractor

The countertop installer and the cabinetmaker will both benefit from the information you get from the online estimator. The more information they have about what result you are looking for, the easier it is for them to create that result for you three-dimensionally. It’s one thing to talk about the dimensions and material type of a countertop, but when you and the installer can get on the same page visually it ensures that he understands exactly what you are looking for.

Creating the perfect kitchen with the perfect countertop requires careful planning. An online countertop estimator gives you the chance to visualize the final result and make changes to the design while still in the planning phase. After comparing different material types and different design configurations you can feel confident that you have the best possible design. The estimator will calculate the cost of your countertop and tell you if you are within budget or need to make changes. Finally, the online estimator will help you select a contractor and will give him a visual guide of what you want, enabling him to make your vision a reality.

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