WordPress 2.9.1 and other things…

We are happy to announce that all our products are compatible with WordPress version 2.9.1. There were a few issues with the beta version of 2.9 and the first release of WP 2.9 but we have now thoroughly tested our products on WP 2.9.1 and all products are working. If you have any issues or find and problems please open a support ticket.


Since the implementation of the helpdesk our service has improved drastically. Most of the tickets now revolve around user issues and intergration. This is to be expected as there are so many themes and 3rd plugins to select from. Conflicts could occur with our plugins especially when a 3rd party has not stuck to WordPress conventions. We will do our best to help customers resolve these difficulties as far as we can. Just send us a ticket and if you are stuck, WordPress login details will help us diagnose the issue.

Ask before you buy

Many web developers buy our products for their clients. From time to time some customers feel agrieved when a product does not meet thier expectation. This is common with the Shoping Basket (Checkout). We have many succesful installations and satisfied clients where the products work well and as intended. Please contact us before you purchase any product and discuss any technical needs you or your client may have. We are happy to help and will be upfront with you if our product cant do something. We are also happy to give you a quote on any customisation that may need to be done.

Complaints and Policy

We do our best to address complaints but we remind customers that we do not give refunds. Once a product is bought and downloaded, you have it. Web technology means you now have the source and full use of the product and therefore if we were to allow refunds, people would simply buy the product and ask for a refund. The nature of the product does not allow for a return as in the case of returning a car if you were not satisfied.

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