WordPress 2.8 Updates

After extensive testing of WordPress 2.8 Beta for several months now an announcement was posted on WordPress.org by Matt saying that the final release of WordPress 2.8 is immediately available for download.

This truly is great news and I’ve had a chance to test drive WordPress 2.8 Beta before the final was released yesterday but unfortunately none of the Tribulant Software WordPress plugins are currently compatible with WordPress 2.8. They won’t crash your WordPress installation or cause major problems but you won’t be able to configure certain aspects of the plugins in the WordPress Dashboard due to meta boxes not being displayed correctly.

Please be aware that all the Tribulant Software WordPress plugins have already been worked on in order to make them compatible with WordPress 2.8 and new versions for each of the plugin will be released one by one shortly. Delay you upgrade to WordPress 2.8 for a short while if possible since it will save you trouble. Many other WordPress plugin providers haven’t updated their software packages for WordPress 2.8 yet.

Thank you for your patience and support! Please subscribe to the Tribulant Software news blog via email or RSS in order to be notified when new versions of software packages are released.

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