Guest Post Guidelines

Here are our guest post guidelines:

  • Suggest a topic that you want to write about for approval. You must write the blog post. We must approve the topic beforehand.
  • Use and provide a focus keyword for SEO.
  • Spelling and grammar are very important – review your content.
  • Provide a featured image for each article (at least 720px wide).
  • Additional images are a plus.
  • An author/bio section should be included at the bottom of the article or in your author bio if you registered an account.
  • Spam/junk articles for promotional purposes will be rejected and deleted.
  • Free guest posts: No promotional or dofollow links will be allowed anywhere. All links will be “nofollow”. If you only are interested in submitting a free guest post, please do not submit articles for promotional purposes with promotional links. Submit good content and you’ll get a backlink (nofollow, non-promotional) in your author bio.
  • Sponsored posts: You can have promotional dofollow links.


Content rules:

  • Your article’s topic must be related to WordPress, SEO, ecommerce, Internet security, websites, and other similar topics (if unsure, ask us) without mentioning other hosting companies since we offer hosting and will no longer promote competitors. If you want to write about hosting, only our hosting can be mentioned.
  • No adult related content.
  • No CBD or drugs related content/links.
  • We allow casino links. Only legal content. Must be integrated into the allowed topics above.
  • We allow essay related links. Must be integrated into the allowed topics above.
  • All links and content must be high quality and non-“spammy”. We will verify them.
  • Add a featured image and compress all your images so that they are smaller than 1100 pixels wide while aiming for 100 KB size or less, if possible.
  • Content must be unique, written in high quality English, and revised to ensure that it is error-free. NO PLAGIARISM ALLOWED OR YOU WILL BE BLOCKED FROM OUR SYSTEM.

If your English is in a rough state, your blog post will be rejected and/or deleted.
Do not type a blog post for us if you know that you are not proficient in English as we will simply reject the article
Do not auto-translate your article from your language to English as we will reject the article

In any case, your links and blog post must be well integrated into a WordPress or above-mentioned related topic.


You can submit a free guest post as long as it follows the free guest post guidelines. If you want to submit a promotional post with dofollow links, please submit a sponsored post instead. In either case, you must communicate with us before submitting one.

Once your guest post has been submitted, we will review and publish it and reply back here with a link. PLEASE do not reply back on your ticket constantly asking for an update, it just delays the process. We will review your article in a timely manner.

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