Hosting Services – Shared, Managed, VPS & Dedicated | Pros, Cons, and Cost

If you’re new to the concept of WordPress hosting, it may be difficult for you to choose the factors and consider them while selecting a well-suited service. However, it’s not overwhelming as long as you do your research properly regarding WordPress hosting, their types, and their pros and cons.

If you want to turn your blog into a profitable business, then hosting is important for you to consider. Once you’ve found something that suits your budget and needs perfectly, the only task that will be left for you is to consider the reviews. There are many hosting providers as well as many hosting types which we will discuss later in the article. It will help you to choose the best hosting service that you require.

Online businesses focus a lot on hosting. It is an essential part of their company and website. IT professionals of different hosting agencies provide their services of web hosting to their clients with easy management and several benefits. They ensure that they provide 100% uptime with fast loading websites.

Hosting providers also focus on delivering a comprehensive set of security solutions which enables their clients’ website to work efficiently and speedily. Service providers make sure to offer a secure, high-performing and highly accessible user experience. To gain great experience with a hosting provider, we recommend JavaPipe.

In this article, we will describe four different hosting options that you can choose from, along with their pros, cons, and costs. These four are:

  1. Shared Hosting
  2. Managed WordPress Hosting
  3. VPS Hosting
  4. Dedicated WordPress Hosting


Shared Hosting – Pros, Cons, and Cost:

Pros: Small websites with few resourceful needs should consider getting a shared hosting. Shared hosting provides a shared server to hundreds and thousands of users also referred to neighbors, with a number of different websites.

This kind of hosting is really efficient and essential for the clients but does not fulfill all their requirements. It is considered to be a low-cost quick fix.

If your website or business is on an initial level than low-cost shared hosting is going to be great for you. Your site will be Up for 99% of the time and will be enough for your business to get off the ground. Once you extend your budget, you can always switch up to any other hosting service.

Cons: Moreover, it often results in issues because of overcrowding. And it is not appropriate for every solution. In addition to that, shared hosting consists of a limited capacity of memory. The memory limit controls the total amount of memory available for applications running on a single account of the server. This also results in slow loading of the website.

Cost: Low-cost is one of the main advantages of this service. There are different hosting companies that provide their services at different rates. The starting range is from a minimum of 3 dollars to a maximum of 10 dollars a month. So make up your mind, that a good-quality shared hosting will definitely cost you a few dollars.


Managed WordPress Hosting – Pros, Cons, and Cost:

Pros: Managed hosting comes with a complete customized package for all your requirements but with a few restrictions. It offers beneficial services only related to WordPress. Since this host only has one application to support – WordPress, it becomes much more convenient and reliable. It allows your website to run noticeably faster.

Moreover, managed hosting providers ensure to give the latest and updated version of WordPress. Along with that, they also provide automatic updates. Another good service of managed hosting is catching. The catching system on the server boosts up the website and outperforms plugins.

Cons: However, managed hosting restricts access to third party websites to give a safe and secure experience. It also restricts from installing a few plugins for the same reason. It also limits the website to just WordPress which means you can’t tack onto Joomla or Drupal sites. Although, some hosts may technically allow this now.

Cost: Something that has a lot to offer and have quality services, will definitely be a bit expensive. The starting cost of managed hosting ranges from a minimum of 29 to 30 dollars a month. If you have a traffic of 100,000 visitors on your website, then you might need to pay 100 to 120 dollars a month.


VPS Hosting – Pros, Cons, and Cost:

Pros: VPS Hosting also referred to as Cloud Hosting is similar to shared hosting but is more advanced than that. Its robust technology separates users on the same server. Also, it only consists of 10 to 20 neighbors, unlike shared hosting where hundreds and thousands of neighbors are connected.

VPS hosting servers hire hypervisors for each user that supervise their complete virtual system. In this way, it becomes less risky to get affected by bad neighbour.

Moreover, VPS hosts provide better memory, hard disk usage, and bandwidth than shared hosting provides. It makes it convenient for websites to grow dynamically.

Cons: Although VPS hosting is reliable than shared hosting, it may not be really effective and secure for highly specialized websites. It may also be expensive and wasteful for someone whose website will work efficiently with a managed hosting service or a shared hosting one.

Cost: The prices in VPS hosting varies a great deal. It includes the cheapest price for up to 5 dollars a month. And the highest price range is 50 dollars. The estimated average price for a fine and suitable service is 25 dollars a month.


Dedicated Hosting – Pros, Cons, and Cost:

Pros: Dedicated hosting offers you a piece of hardware and a place to store it along with minimum maintenance. Here, you have to take care of everything yourself from installing, operating and setting up your web server.

Cons: Unlike other hosting services, dedicated hosting does not offer management tasks such as ensuring that everything is up to date and scanning regularly.

Cost: The cheapest price of dedicated hosting is similar to the highest price of VPS hosting which is 50 dollars, but they don’t offer as many resources. The highest price ranges up to 130 dollars and the average price is 120 dollars.

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