How To Choose The Right Domain Name For Your New Website

Choosing the right domain name is crucial for your website’s success. Your website’s domain name is your brand’s identity on the web, which means choosing the wrong one could negatively affect your business later on.

In this article, you’ll discover some of the things you should consider when choosing the right domain name. If you’re interested to learn more about how domain names work, this blog post explains everything you need to know to get started.


Here’s how to choose the right domain name for your website:

Keep It Short

In coming up with a name for your website, choose one that’s short and easy to remember. The ultimate goal of your website is to be easily accessible for visitors.

Shorter domain names can help users find your website without breaking a sweat. As a rule of thumb, keep your domain name under two to three words max.


Keep It Simple

Skip on the uncommon and perplexing words. Also, avoid double letters and using hyphens when coming up with a name.

When users misspell your website, it may result in an error page. As a result, your website’s bounce rate will increase, and you’ll lose traffic eventually.

Avoid losing site visitors by keeping your domain name simple and easy to remember.


Use Keywords

Include relevant keywords in your domain name. Using keywords can help your website rank on search engine results when users enter a specific query.

It’s also best to include the service or product you offer on your website name. You can even add your location to help target local customers.


Choose An Appropriate Extension

Extensions are suffixes, such as .com, .net, or .org, found at the tail of web URLs. Each extension serves a specific purpose based on what your website is all about. Today, there’s a broader range of domain extensions to choose from, thanks to recent updates on premium extensions.

Although the options are vast, the ‘.com’ extension is still highly preferred by individuals and businesses alike due to its familiarity. Users have been accustomed to typing .com at the end of each web address that even mobile phones programmed a dedicated ‘.com’ button when typing a URL on a browser.

When choosing an extension, make sure it’s related to your services and flows naturally with your domain name.


Be Consistent

A domain that directs users to a website with a different name will confuse them. This will affect your website’s branding, bounce rate, and overall traffic. Thus, keep your domain, brand, and website name as closely similar to each other as possible.

Your website is a part of your business’s branding, which means that every aspect of it should reflect your company’s persona. Incorporating your branding in your domain can help your business stand out among competitors and increase web visitors.



Research Other Domain Names

Registering a domain name is the very first step in setting up a website. However, before you begin setting up your website, conduct your own research on registered domain names first.

There’s a lot of websites online that are trademarked. Do your own research to avoid any legal implications, which may cost you a lot of money later on.


Register Now

If you’re able to find a domain name that suits your branding, is easy to remember, and is available, register it now! Don’t wait since domain names sell in minutes. If you don’t act fast, you’ll lose your chance at the perfect domain for your website, and you’ll have to go back to square one.



Although you’ll want the perfect domain name for your website, it shouldn’t take you months to come up with one. All you need is a decent domain that sticks to your users and is consistent with your business.

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