PHP 7 Hosting Available


We have PHP 7 hosting available on all hosting accounts already!

php 7 hosting

As you may know, we provide top quality hosting at a great price and now we have a value added feature, PHP 7!

What is New in PHP 7?

There are several improvements in PHP 7 as well as the focus point being performance.

Read more about PHP 7 to find out what it offers. Here are also 10 things you need to know about PHP 7.

How to Get PHP 7 Hosting

When you get a new hosting account from us or if you are an existing hosting customer, you can contact us via our help desk if you want to upgrade to PHP 7 and we can set that on your websites individually for you. Send us a ticket to request this upgrade. The upgrade is very quick without downtime.

All existing hosting accounts will remain on PHP 5.6 until further notice in the future.

We don’t want to switch all our customers over to PHP 7 with the risk of breaking websites so that is why we are manually accepting upgrade requests.

Please note that we cannot offer support on websites that break as a result of upgrading to PHP 7. You have to confirm with your software vendor/s whether or not the software is compatible with PHP 7 before upgrading.

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  1. jd on May 3, 2018

    Is the FAQ Tribulant plugin PHP 7 ready?


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