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Another major release for the WordPress Newsletter plugin brings us version 4.0. We’ve had several big releases since version 3.0 but this is a major version number with amazing features.

See the release notes of version 4.0 of the Newsletter plugin for a detailed list of added features, improvements and bug fixes. Let’s have a look at some of the highlights.

New feature highlights

Here are some of the amazing features which were added to this version:

Subscribers date range when sending/queuing


When creating a newsletter for sending/queuing, you can now specify the date range to take subscribers from. The date range works with a “From” and “To” date and all subscribers who subscribed within that time period will receive the newsletter accordingly.

Auto recurring newsletters with options


One of the most useful features in this release is the auto recurring newsletters. You can now create a newsletter and have it sent out at a specific interval, starting on a specific date/time and also specify how many times the newsletter should recur before it stops. All other options such as the list(s), theme, attachments, etc apply just like in normal newsletters.

Latest posts subscription preview


A simple preview frame for the Latest Posts Subscription feature of the Newsletter plugin. With this preview, you can see exactly how the next scheduled posts newsletter will look like based on the posts, theme, list(s), etc settings you configured for it.

reCAPTCHA security image


Preventing spam should always be a top priority in a subscribe form to ensure that you get clean subscribes. The Newsletter plugin already has a security captcha image integrated using the 3rd party Really Simple Captcha plugin but Google reCAPTCHA has now been added in addition to that so that you have options. Setting up reCAPTCHA in the Newsletter plugin is very quick and simple, anyone can do it!

TEXT version of multipart emails


If you are sending newsletters using multipart content, you will find the new TEXT version feature very useful. The Newsletter plugin generates the TEXT version of a multipart email automatically by taking the HTML version and making it plain TEXT. If you choose to specify your own, custom TEXT version, you can simply tick the checkbox on the Newsletters > Create Newsletter screen and type it up. Your own, custom TEXT version will then be used for the TEXT part of the multipart email.

Duplicate/copy newsletters


You can now easily make a duplicate/copy of an existing newsletter from your sent/draft emails without having to copy values over. Under the Newsletters > Sent & Draft Emails section, a “Duplicate/Copy” link appears below each email which will very quickly copy it for you when clicked.

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Existing Customers

All existing customers of the Newsletter plugin and the WordPress plugins bundle have access to this update for free, considering that your updates subscription is up to date. You can get the download from the downloads management section or alternatively use the automatic update feature in the Newsletter plugin under Newsletters > Updates. Enjoy and have fun with it!

New Customers

Haven’t purchased the WordPress Newsletter plugin yet? You can buy it immediately and start using it within minutes. Head over to the Newsletter plugin on our site and click the “Buy it Now” button to checkout. You may use the coupon code “2013” (without the quotes) for 10% off your purchase as well. This is the best newsletter plugin available for WordPress, guaranteed!


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