Newsletter plugin 4.1


The latest update to the WordPress Newsletter plugin is version 4.1 which contains a set of wonderful new features to make your WordPress email marketing experience a breeze.

See the detailed release notes for a list of features, improvements and fixes made to the plugin and here are some of the feature highlights:

New Feature Highlights

Some of the amazing new features added to this version:

WordPress 3.8 Compatibility & Design


Full WordPress 3.8 compatibility in the functionality and technical aspect as well as new design elements throughout the plugin to match the new WordPress dashboard design better. And by the way, WordPress 3.8 is fantastic!

Send to WordPress Users by Roles


The plugin has always kept it’s subscribers separate from the WordPress users entirely and only allowed you to send to subscribers in different lists as needed.

You can now send newsletters to WordPress users directly by roles as needed. All features such as bounces, unsubscribes, read status, etc. work with the emails sent to WordPress users to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Users are never altered, the plugin will keep record of all those statistics on it’s own side with associations.

Custom Fields Validation Rules & Regex


Custom Fields in the plugin are one of the most valuable features to many of our clients since it gives the ability to capture and store values to subscribers which can then be reused for filtering/segmenting and also to personalize newsletters. They were always just either required or not required though.

You can now setup a validation rule per custom field so that the value entered and stored must be in a specific format. Some predefined rules are included such as numeric, alphanumeric, email, IP address, URL, etc. In addition to that, if you want to be technical about it, you can choose custom regex and create your own regular expression to match.

Multiple Content Areas for Newsletters & Themes


Multiple content areas for newsletters and themes has just made anything and everything possible in the newsletter plugin. Before we added this, you had one content area to work with and it was placed in the theme where the content shortcode was placed.

Now you can create unlimited content areas and use them inside the newsletter content block itself, inside one another and even inside the actual theme design you’re using. You can also use both WordPress, newsletter plugin and 3rd party shortcodes inside them. Each one comes with a full-blown WordPress TinyMCE editor so you can add media, links, formatting, etc.

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