Newsletter plugin v3.8.8

The WordPress Newsletter plugin v3.8.8 has a set of amazing new features to help you with your WordPress subscriber and newsletter campaign management.

Feel free to read the detailed release notes before reading the rest of this article with an overview of new feature highlights.

New Feature Highlights

Great new features were added in this release of the WordPress Newsletter plugin:

WordPress Role Integration

Full integration with the WordPress roles has been done. You can tick/check the roles which are allowed to have access to each individual section of the Newsletter plugin. Additionally, any custom roles added with a WordPress roles plugin like the WordPress Members plugin will show up here as well, dynamically.

Future Scheduled Posts as Newsletters

For any posts scheduled to publish in the future where the settings/options under “Send as Newsletter” on the post editing screen were selected will queue the newsletter when the post is actually published in the future.

Test Email Settings Test Attachment

A simple “Include a test attachment” checkbox for the “Test Email Settings” utility under Newsletters > Configuration to test your attachments.

Ajax Post Subscribers Import

The new Ajax POST importing procedure will import very large CSV/vCard files and not timeout due to server/PHP limits. This way you can import large files with thousands, even hundreds of thousands of subscribers and see the progress as they import.

Email Templates Shortcodes

Email templates are no longer sent as their own history/draft emails pre-loaded into the editor. They are now shortcodes and you can easily use the template shortcodes in newsletters, WordPress posts/pages and other areas of your site.

Custom Post Type Support

WordPress custom post types are fully supported in the “Newsletter Functions” TinyMCE button/icon and also for the “Latest Posts Subscription” feature of the Newsletter plugin. You can now insert custom post types into your newsletters with ease.

Autoresponders Schedule Interval

You can change the schedule interval at which the autoresponders are sent. It used to be a fixed, hourly schedule but you can now change it to be as frequent as every 2 minutes under the Newsletters > Autoresponders section of the plugin.

Get the Newsletter plugin v3.8.8 now!

Get the WordPress Newsletter plugin while it is still hot. Read the installation/upgrade instructions for installing this version of the Newsletter plugin.

New Customers

If you haven’t purchased the WordPress Newsletter plugin yet, you can get it at a very affordable price.

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Existing Customers

If you already own a license for the WordPress Newsletter plugin, you can obtain this latest version from your downloads management section.

In case your download expired, you can renew it for as little as US$5. Use the coupon code “2012” to get 10% OFF all renewal/extension fees as well.

Beautiful Newsletter Templates

Professional newsletter templates that are fully responsive for desktop, tablet, and mobile. They are 100% cross-client compatible.

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