Newsletter plugin v3.9.1

We are announcing v3.9.1 of the WordPress Newsletter plugin as a minor release with a smaller list of new features, enhancements and defect fixes compared to the usual major releases.

You may have a look at the release notes before continuing to read the new feature highlights. If you cannot wait, get this new version from your downloads section right now (you can use the automatic updates feature if upgrading from v3.9).

New Feature Highlights

Several new features have been added to this release of the WordPress Newsletter plugin. Let’s have a look at some snaps and descriptions of the main features added to this version.

Custom fields and CSS in Offsite Form

You can now generate your offsite code with custom fields and the subscribe form’s CSS into the HTML which is used on your external/remote site. The offsite form still uses a popup but the overall method of posting the form to the popup has been improved.

Updates ‘Check Again’ button

This is a simple ‘Check Again‘ button to manually check again for updates of the WordPress Newsletter plugin since WordPress creates transient cache of the latest version and could take 24 to 48 hours to update and check again. You’ll find this under Newsletters > Configuration > Updates. And of course, if an update is available, you can automatically update through the plugin.

Delete Subscriber on Unsubscribe

A new setting to automatically delete a subscriber upon unsubscribe if the subscriber is left with no remaining subscriptions after subscribing to the list(s) in the procedure. This could help you to keep your subscribers database clean without any unassigned/unassociated subscribers. The ‘Delete Subscriber on Unsubscribe‘ setting is located at Newsletters > Configuration > Subscribers > Unsubscribe Behaviour.

Show/hide TinyMCE editor button

We’ve received some requests for a setting to turn On/Off the ‘Newsletter Functions’ button (envelope icon/button) in the TinyMCE editor. Here it is, a simple setting to show or hide the button as needed.

Get the Newsletter plugin v3.9.1 now!

Be sure to get this release while it is still hot!

Existing Customers

Existing customers don’t have to purchase the WordPress Newsletter plugin again. You can get this new version as an update from your downloads section or automatic updates (read below).

Remember, if you’re upgrading from v3.9 you can use the automatic update feature which was added in v3.9 by going to Newsletters > Configuration > Updates and automatically update through there without having to upload the files manually.

If your download expired, you can renew it for as little as $5. Use the coupon code “2012” (without the quotes) for 10% off your renewal fee. We appreciate your support!

New Customers

Are you in need of a very powerful and versatile newsletter/email system for WordPress? The WordPress newsletter plugin is the ultimate solution for you.

Purchase it now at a very affordable price and take 10% off your purchase with the coupon code “2012” (without the quotes) today still!

Beautiful Newsletter Templates

Professional newsletter templates that are fully responsive for desktop, tablet, and mobile. They are 100% cross-client compatible.

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  1. TK on July 2, 2012

    Hi there, does the plugin allow the user at the “Manage Subscriptions” page to select posts by category? and does this part of the interface allow for users to create their own scheduling for when notifications are sent? Thanks.

  2. robert on June 25, 2012

    Please add Facebook feature that will allow the user to give the site the authority to pull the info and add it to the subscriber list.

    • Antonie Potgieter on July 3, 2012


      Thank you for your suggestion. We’re working on a Google, Yahoo, Live, Facebook, etc… import feature for the WordPress Newsletter plugin which will be available soon.

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  4. michael on June 15, 2012

    i have been trying to buy the newsletter plugin from this site for the past 15 minutes. I still can’t do it. The BUY NOW buttons were VERY hard to find and once found, didn’t work.

    • Antonie Potgieter on June 18, 2012


      Thank you for your comment.

      The “Buy Now” button is to the side on every product page. Why did it not work? Can you please try again?

      All the best,
      Antonie Potgieter

  5. Jasmine on May 31, 2012

    This looks like a great newsletter plugin, which I have been looking for a while. Can I hook it up with an email provider such as Sendgrid? I wonder how does it manage un-subscription feature as Sendgrid does have this as well… ? The un-subscription will happen in Sendgrid or in Tribulant?

    Oh, any review copy? 🙂

    • Antonie Potgieter on June 1, 2012


      Thank you for your comment.

      Yes, the plugin will work with Sendgrid’s SMTP relay service. The unsubscribe will happen on the plugin’s side, not on Sendgrid’s side.

      All the best, Antonie


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