Newsletter plugin v3.9

This major release of the WordPress Newsletter plugin has a very long list of new features, improvements to existing features and fixes to potential problems in the plugin.

You can view all the details of this release in the v3.9 release notes before we look at some of the feature highlights in this release of the Newsletter plugin.

New Feature Highlights

This release is packed with amazing new features which you’re going to love!

Automatic Updates/Upgrades

We have implemented a smart automatic updates system into the plugin which works with the standard WordPress automatic update system.

Now you no longer have to wonder when new versions are available, the plugin will tell you when there is and you can automatically install the latest version without having to download, extract and upload the files as you used to.

User Registration Upon Subscription

Up until now it has been possible to import WordPress users as subscribers and now it is possible to automatically register new subscribers as WordPress users in the users database. The default registration role of new users will be the Subscriber role.

Queue Instead Checkbox

We developed a new Ajax progress page for sending/queuing newsletters and unless you set a future date for the newsletter to be sent, the plugin would send all emails immediately. This became a problem because some email servers (most shared hosting accounts) have sending limits per hour/day/week/month and this could easily exceed email sending limits, failing halfway through a send.

You can now tick a “Queue this newsletter instead” checkbox on the newsletter sending progress page after you submit “Send Newsletter” from the create newsletter page. Ticking this checkbox will queue the emails instead of sending them immediately and you can then control/throttle the emails using the settings under Newsletters > Configuration > General > Email Scheduling in the plugin so that you don’t exceed sending limits.

Turn Off Ajax Progress

The Ajax progress page for sending/queueing mentioned above is great and works very well but it could become a pain if you have tenths of thousands of subscribers. With large mailing lists you can turn this setting off to prevent the Ajax sending/queuing progress and just queue the conventional way with a page refresh which is much faster.

Unsubscribe Redesign

The unsubscribe procedure and experience for your subscribers has been completely redesigned and re-interfaced. Unsubscribe now supports multiple list unsubscribe from a single email and the unsubscribe confirmation page is embedded into your WordPress theme, keeping your users on your site at all times. You can also turn off the unsubscribe confirmation page so that subscribers clicking the unsubscribe link are immediately unsubscribed.

User-Friendly Email Template Editing

It has been a daunting task in the past to edit the email notification templates sent by the system to both subscribers and the administrator. Not just because you had to edit template files inside the plugin but also because these could potentially be overwritten with an upgrade. These email notification templates are now all under Newsletters > Configuration > Email Templates where you can modify the messages as needed and use a vast range of short codes available.

Admin Email for Each Mailing List

Administrator email address for each mailing list so that this email address would be notified via email when someone subscribes to the list or when someone unsubscribes from the specified list. This setting is optional and a single administrator email can be specified on each individual mailing list.

Tabs in Configuration

Phew… those configuration boxes became too many so we had to divide them up into more logical sections and as a result we created user-friendly tabs in the Newsletters > Configuration section so that you can tab through the different areas of configuration in the Newsletter plugin.

Get the Newsletter plugin v3.9

Be sure to get this wonderful, feature packed release of the WordPress Newsletter plugin while it is still hot! We are confident that you will enjoy this new version very much.

Existing Customers

If you are already a license holder of the powerful WordPress Newsletter plugin, you can obtain this latest version from your downloads management section. Installation/upgrade instructions are in our documentation.

You don’t have to purchase the plugin again, it is available to all existing customers. In case your download expired, you can renew it for as little as US$5 on a single license. You can use the coupon code “EASTER” (without the quotes) for 40% OFF your renewal fee.

New Customers

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  1. Dan Overlander on January 13, 2013

    Please edit your plugin to add this caption below the “User Registration Upon Subscription” option:

    This caused me hours of frustration until I realized that the Newsletter registration was causing a conflict with the Gravity Forms User Registration plugin.

  2. Antonie Potgieter on May 29, 2012


    Thank you for your kind words, I’m glad that I was able to help you. Let us know if you need any further assistance.

    All the best,

  3. Merlijn on May 7, 2012

    Hi There,

    Will there ever be a more visual display for creating a newsletter?

    Sort of like how Mailchimp handles this. Tough i love your plugin it is completely unclear how your newsletter looks until you send it to a test mail.

    • Antonie Potgieter on May 29, 2012


      The Newsletter plugin uses the WordPress TinyMCE editor for creating newsletters so you can visually create the emails there with WYSIWYG. Is that not sufficient?

  4. Mark on April 13, 2012

    Hi there! I’m having some problems with the new update. I love all the new features – but I’m having a problem with the flash window not opening when I want to add media or a link to a newsletter I’m trying to create. Any suggestions?

    • Mark on May 29, 2012

      Anotonie – you are AMAZING. I’m blown away by your great customer service. Thank you so much – I love this plug-in! Mark


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