Newsletter plugin version 4.5

After many hours of development, almost 400 changed files and 93 changes, we are extremely proud to bring you the WordPress Newsletter plugin version 4.5. That’s massive, it’s a big release!

This update is innovative, intuitive and the most robust release of our newsletter plugin for WordPress yet. It has a completely redesigned user interface for both the front-end and the admin panel as well as many other features, improvements and bug fixes for stability.

A BIG thank you to all our loyal customers for providing feedback, requesting features and reporting bugs, we appreciate it greatly. You rock!

See the detailed release notes for a list of changes. Be warned, the list is long though!

Version 4.5 was succeeded shortly after it’s release by 4.5.1 which included a few bug fixes to the 4.5 release. And then very, very unfortunately a bug made it’s way into 4.5.1 which made it impossible to save subscribers so yet another update version was made to address this. We apologise for the inconvenience caused, things happened a bit fast and mistakes were made.

And let’s have a look at some of the amazing feature highlights:

New Feature Highlights

Default Newsletter Template


New default, responsive and ready-to-use newsletter template included in this release of the WordPress Newsletter plugin.

It is used for system emails by default when you don’t select a global system newsletter template or for each individual system email. So this goes for bounce, confirmation, unsubscribe, subscribe, paid subscription, etc. notification emails.

You can also use it for sending newsletters by selecting no newsletter template at all.

Redesigned Admin Dashboard


The Newsletter plugin admin interface has been revamped completely.

A new menu icon and in fact, a complete new icon set throughout the plugin together with beautiful charts and other elements makes it a pleasure to use.


We also brought back the WordPress dashboard columns number option which was removed in WordPress 3.8 in the core of WordPress itself. So now you can select 1, 2 or 3 columns on your dashboard again as you used to be able to. Enjoy!

New Front-End Design


Both the hardcoded, post/page subscribe forms and subscribe widgets have been redesigned with a front-end framework to make it beautiful, appealing and user-friendly to your users.

The widgets will show one column of custom fields for the subscribe form while the post/page subscribe forms will automatically show two columns, putting custom fields next to one another to fill up the white-space and also to make tabbing between fields more efficient. All subscribe forms are fully responsive by the way!


The subscriber management section has been redesigned in the same manner as well. In addition to that, the manage subscriptions will remember the last tab selected and it also now has linkable tabs too.

Media Files per Newsletter


Each newsletter you create now has it’s own, dedicated media files and a pretty “Insert into Newsletter” button so that you can easily find and reuse the files when editing the newsletter.

Simple as that, newsletter creation made easy.

View Bounced Emails/Newsletters


An extremely useful section under Newsletters > Subscribers to view and manage bounced emails.

Each time an email sent out through the WordPress Newsletter plugin bounces back, the plugin records the email/subscriber together with the newsletter, bounce code, bounce reason, date bounced and several other values. You can view those right here, sort them, filter by newsletter, etc.

Get Newsletters 4.5 Now!

Existing Users

If you already have our WordPress Newsletter plugin installed, you can update it automatically under Newsletters > Updates in the plugin. The update should show there already with it’s release notes but feel free to click “Check Again” if it doesn’t to clear the cache.

Alternatively, you can download the ZIP from your downloads section on our site. Be sure to deactivate, upload and reactivate the Newsletter plugin when installing manually since essential procedures are followed upon the reactivation to ensure that all database tables, database table fields and options are in place for a bug free experience.

Remember, there are great extension plugins available, have a look!

New Users

You can now get the best Newsletter plugin for WordPress from us right now!

It does pretty much anything you can imagine and more. It will capture your subscribers in various ways such as subscribe forms and widgets, popups, offsite and even 3rd party apps using it’s JSON Rest API. You can then create autoresponder campaigns, setup custom fields, send out latest posts to subscribers and much, much more. It integrates seamlessly with WordPress itself, wonderful.

Give the online demonstration a try and if you feel the need to expand your online presence via email marketing, you have the craving we were hoping for. The power is in your hands so use email to engage with your users/customers and grow now!

We have amazing support if you have questions or run into any sort of problems. Additionally, we will give you your money back within 7 days if you are not satisfied with the Newsletter plugin for WordPress as intended! That’s for real!

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