Newsletters 4.6.3


A new update for the WordPress Newsletter plugin is now available. Version 4.6.3 of this plugin is a major release with new features, bug fixes and improvements.

For more info on what changed, see the detailed release notes of version 4.6.3.

New Feature Highlights

Here are some of the new features included:

New Shortcode

A new shortcode is now available to provide a URL instead of an HTML activation link in your confirmation emails. Use[newsletters_activate_url]to show the activate url (http://....) instead of the activate link (<a href=“”>Activate</a>) in your confirmation emails.

Paid Subscriptions – New Features


We’ve made improvements to the paid subscriptions in this version of the plugin:

  • See all active / expired subscriptions respectively
  • Allow multiple payment methods for paid subscriptions (PayPal and 2CO).
  • Edit paid subscription paid date and expiration date, etc.

These new features expand the functionality of paid subscriptions in the WordPress Newsletter plugin.

Show Unsubscribe per Sent Newsletter

We’ve expanded the unsubscribe section of the plugin. You will now be able to view the subscriber, list, and history email from where the subscriber unsubscribed.

It gives admin a better overview of unsubscribes in the system.

Resubscribe on Unsubscribe link


A new setting is now available to turn resubscribe on the unsubscribe procedure off. With this setting turned off subscribers will no longer be able to resubscribe to a list after unsubscribing.

Bug Fixes

  • Permissions/sections/roles reset upon plugin update
  • Generate new API key not working, returns 0
  • Style and Script checkboxes reset when installing a new update.
  • Untick all list checkboxes on subscribe form shows all fields
  • links not generated
  • Unsubscribe link show all mailinglists or wrong lists for unsubscribe
  • Incorrect mailing lists in unsubscribe email notification
  • Sent & Draft stats show all lists on a subscriber
  • and more…

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