Newsletters 4.6.4

We’ve released a new update for the WordPress Newsletters plugin.

Version 4.6.4 is a major release of this plugin with new features, bug fixes and improvements.

UPDATE: We also released version as a patch to this release since there were a few hiccups. We would like to apologize to anyone who experienced problems and thank you for understanding. The new queuing system introduced some problems. These are ironed out now.

New Feature Highlights

Here are some of the new features included in this release:

Improved Localization

There are now more options for the localization of the plugin. We added the default WordPress language file location as the recommended setting. You can choose which way you want to load your language files though.

Codes Section for Subscribe Forms

When you create subscribe forms using the drag and drop interface under Newsletters > Subscribe Forms, you can now easily get a shortcode, PHP for hardcode or an offsite URL for the subscribe form specifically under the Codes tab.

Login for Manage Subscriptions

Subscribers will now be able to add a username and password in the Manage Subscriptions section of the plugin in addition to the normal link authentication method. After authenticating via link initially, the subscriber can set a password in the profile. This feature can be turned On of Off by the administrator in the settings.

Super Fast Queuing and Importing!

We have implemented background processes in this release of the plugin. It is a very powerful system which makes the queueing of emails and importing of subscribers very fast to load initially and then continues to process the records in the background.

There are several great features to the new background processes. The memory management will process many records while memory is available and won’t crash your server. The tasks also lock to ensure multiple schedules don’t overlap to send duplicate emails for example. Ultimately it is very fast with a very small footprint, we hope you will enjoy it!

Responsive Live Previews

These responsive live previews is a great way of applying device specific widths to your newsletter to see what it will look like on Desktop, Tablet and Mobile. The live preview container simply resizes to give you a better view. Please note that this is not the rendering of email clients specifically but rather a dimension focussed approach to previewing the newsletter. It still is very useful!

MailGun & SendGrid Webhooks

Webhooks are now integrated for both MailGun and SendGrid to ensure every single activity of each email you send out is logged. There are several events which ping the plugin so that emails can be updated such as delivered, read, bounced, unsubscribed, etc. This provides for very accurate stats on your newsletters.

To configure these webhooks, go to Newsletters > Configuration and select either the MailGun or SendGrid API. Once you choose one of them, instructions will be shown to you with a URL which you need to configure inside the MailGun or SendGrid panel accordingly.

Important Bug Fixes

  • Add new (existing) subscriber, remove all lists
  • Amazon SES failed email blocks queue from sending
  • Blank mailing lists under “Emails Sent” after subscriber unsubscribed
  • Clicks total don’t match at table with filter
  • “Send Preview” not parsing all shortcodes and 3rd party shortcodes
  • “None” subscribers on clicks
  • Amazon SES/SNS bounces not recording to individual newsletters
  • and more

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