Newsletters – Special Dates Autoresponder 1.2

A new release for the Special Dates Autoresponder extension is now available.


How does it work?

The special dates autoresponder extension adds a special date functionality to the autoresponders in our WordPress Newsletter plugin.

With this extension you will be able to send out autoresponders based on special dates. eg. You want to send an autoresponder every year one week before your clients birthday. You can do the following things with it:

  • Send happy birthday messages
  • Remind someone about a specific date, eg. anniversary
  • Notify the rest of the subscribers about someone’s birthday
  • General reminders of future/past dates
  • and much more…

What’s new?

1. Send to Everyone Else

Check “Yes, send to all subscribers, except the matched subscribers” checkbox to send the email to all subscribers on the selected list/s excluding the matched subscribers. Use the shortcode [newsletters_dates_sendeveryone] in your newsletter to output a list of matched subscribers.

2. Fields to Show

Pick the subscriber fields to display in [newsletters_dates_sendeveryone] shortcode.

3. Send on Specific Date

If you need to send the autoresponder out on a specific date, check this checkbox.

4. Date Condition

You will now be able to set date conditions on a custom field that you’ve created. (eg. you want to send out an autoresponder 5 days before a subscribers birthday.)

Pick the date parts that should match, eg. Day + Month, Day, Day + Month + Year and choose a custom field value on subscribers to match to the current date.

5. Recurring

You can repeat the autoresponder by selecting the recurring option. Don’t forget to save your autoresponder.

Get Special Dates Autoresponder Now!

You can get the Special Dates Autoresponder plugin from our site right now! Purchase this useful extension for only US$16.99 for a single domain license and US$84.95 for an unlimited domains license. You can use the coupon code “2019” (without the quotes) for 10% OFF your purchase.

It works with our WordPress Newsletter plugin so please ensure that you have that installed as well. If you don’t, you can try the free WordPress Newsletter plugin or upgrade to the WordPress Newsletter plugin Pro on our site by buying a license. The extension will work with both, no problem.

We offer exclusive support in our help desk if you have any questions or need any assistance.

Get Special Dates Autoresponder extension

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  1. Seo guru on April 12, 2019

    I use the previous version and so far everything suits. But the offer is pretty tempting.

    • Antonie Potgieter on April 24, 2019

      If you already bought the previous version, you can just update to the latest, it is free of charge.


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