Newsletters – Total Control 1.2


A new version 1.2 of the Newsletters – Total Control extension is now available.

What does it do?

This extension allows you to take full control over your WordPress Newsletter plugin on a single-site.

You can control the way individual users and user roles have access to the plugin and features on your WordPress site.

It also integrates fully with WP eMember plugin membership levels.

What’s New?

List Limitations

New options available to limit email access to sent & draft emails.

  • Limit by User – Give users only access to their own created emails.
  • Limit by User Role – Give all users of a specific user role access to specified lists. All history emails assigned to these lists will be available in sent & draft emails.

Overview Stats


The overview with stats will only show newsletter stats based on the limits of the user. They will only be able to see their own stats or stats to emails of lists assigned to them.

Bug Fixes

New bug fixes in version 1.2

  • “Newsletters” column under Users is overwritten by the core plugin
  • Control user message incorrect with global limits

See detailed release notes of version 1.2.

Get Newsletters – Total Control 1.2 Now!

You can get the Newsletters – Total Control extension plugin from our site right now for only $16.99.

Apply a 10% discount to your order by using the “2016” coupon code.

It works with our WordPress Newsletter plugin  so please ensure that you have that installed as well. If you don’t, you can try the free WordPress Newsletter plugin or upgrade to the WordPress Newsletter plugin Pro on our site by buying a license. The extension will work with both, no problem.

Get the Total Control Extension

Get the Newsletter plugin

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