Newsletters – Total MS Control 1.3


We have released an update version of the Total MS Control extension for the WordPress Newsletter Plugin.

Using a WordPress multi-site Network?

This is the perfect tool for any webmaster! Also by far the best WordPress multi-site newsletter plugin on the market considering the power of this extension added to it.

You can control the Newsletter plugin for each blog/site of your WordPress multi-site network by activating/deactivating, submitting serial keys and also assigning limits according to your needs. You can specify limits on total subscribers, total mailing lists and even total emails that may be sent in a certain period of time.

Why do I need to update?

A minor update to the Total MS Control that fix the issue with the Global, unlimited serial key that shows as invalid. See list of changes in the release notes.

Get the Total MS Control 1.3 Now!

Those of you who already own the Total MS Control extension can update your extension to the new version. Simply go to your downloads section (you maybe need to login to view this page) and get the new plugin files to upload to your server or do an automatic update in your WordPress dashboard.

For new customers, purchase this useful extension for only US$21.99 for a single domain license and US$109.95 for an unlimited domains license. You can use the coupon code “2015” (without the quotes) for 10% OFF your purchase.

Get Total MS Control

Get the Newsletter Plugin

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  1. Steve on August 30, 2015

    Hey guys,

    The download / update is broken. If I try to update it via WordPress I keep getting an error telling me that my Elegant Themes API is incorrect (LMAO) and if I download it via my downloads section the zip is the same size as the actual Newsletter plugin and when I unzip it contains … you guessed it, the Newsletter plugin.

    Sounds like this update was created and posted by Wot Wen Wong…


    • Antonie Potgieter on August 31, 2015


      Thank you for your comment.

      Our plugin is not affiliated with or related to Elegant Themes at all. Is it possible that the Elegant Themes API is something else? A different plugin?

      Is your Newsletter plugin running fine though?


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