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As with all of our premium WordPress plugins, the WordPress Newsletter plugin can be used on WordPress Multisite, allowing all or some sites on the network to use the plugin.

Many of our WordPress Newsletter plugin users have the need for better control over the plugin on the network and the ability to enforce limitations per site on the total subscribers, mailing lists and emails that may be sent in a certain period of time.

The Total MS Control extension plugin has been created for the WordPress Newsletter plugin to specifically fulfil this need and give you complete control as a webmaster or network administrator.

How Does It Work?

The Total MS Control extension plugin for the WordPress Newsletter plugin is a network plugin which is network activated in your WordPress multi-site installation.

It provides you with a full-featured panel where you can control the WordPress Newsletter plugin on each blog/site of your network with the following main features:

  • Activate/deactivate the Newsletter plugin on blogs/sites.
  • Submit serial keys and remove them on blogs/sites.
  • Submit a global serial key to enable the plugin on all sites immediately.
  • Set a total subscriber limit per blog/site.
  • Set a total mailing list limit per blog/site.
  • Set the total allowed emails which may be sent in a specific period of time.

If there are limits on a site and any of them are reached, the administrator of that site will be notified in their WordPress dashboard so that they are aware of this.

The possibilities are endless with these features mentioned above. If you have multiple clients for whom you design, manage and host websites, think of it as an opportunity to approach them with subscribers and bulk email functionality on their website. It will increase their market and at the same time generate additional income for your business. The management aspect has been made easy with this extension.

Get Total MS Control Now!

To use the Total MS Control extension plugin, you simply need the WordPress Newsletter plugin and a WordPress Multisite installation on which you can use it.

This extension is great value for money yet you can get 10% off your purchase right now by applying the coupon code “2013” (without the quotes) during checkout on our site!


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