Newsletters – WP eMember Subscribers 1.1

WP eMember Subscribers

Version 1.1 of the WordPress Newsletter pluginWP eMember Subscribers extension is now available.

See the release notes for a detailed list of changes made in this release.

What does it do?

This extension allows you to capture newsletter subscribers from your WP eMember plugin registration form and to sync existing WP eMember plugin members as subscribers.

You can map custom fields to successfully capture name, surname and other fields of your subscribers. You can also select a list per membership level as needed. Use the WordPress Newsletter plugin with the WP eMember Subscribers extension to cross promote products, services or events to your list of members.

With this update, memberships and subscribers are kept in sync. New members will be subscribed and existing, active members will be synced over as subscribers. If a member’s status or level changes, their subscript is updated or removed accordingly.

New Feature Highlights

Here are some of the new features in this release:

Add/Delete Subscribers on Status Update


A great new feature included in this release to automatically update your mailing lists. The feature add or delete a subscriber from a list based on the member status – active, expired, pending, inactive.

Add/Delete Subscribers on Membership Levels

WP eMember Subscribers automatically subscribe your active members as subscribers to a specific specified list. If a member becomes inactive, or change from membership, the subscriber will automatically be removed from one list and added to another based on membership level.

Add Subscriber when Members are Added in Admin

Whenever you as admin add a new member in the admin section of WordPress, this extension will automatically add the member as a subscriber to the selected membership mailing list.

Sync Membership Status


Always keep your memberships and mailing lists in sync. Whenever you edit your members, it will automatically sync the changes over to the subscribers and lists, keeping your subscribers up to date with your membership status.

Get Newsletters – WP eMember Subscribers Now!

You can get the WP eMember Subscribers extension plugin from our site right now for only $16.99.

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It works with our WordPress Newsletter plugin and WP eMember plugin so please ensure that you have that installed as well. If you don’t, you can try the free WordPress Newsletter plugin or upgrade to the WordPress Newsletter plugin Pro on our site by buying a license. The extension will work with both, no problem.

We offer exclusive support in our help desk if you have any questions or need any assistance.

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